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Friday, May 10, 2013

PERV May 25th

On Saturday May 25th I will be presenting at PERV. I am as excited and nervous as always. But I am really excited because it is on my favorite topic Masters and slaves!! SWEET!!!

Last year I finished my second book. It is called M/s for the rest of U/us. It is currently being considered by a publisher, and even if they say no- I have a backup plan for it to go to print this year, or at latest early next year.

So at PERV I will be talking about:  the four pillars of training the slave, understanding punishment, enabling and manipulation within Master and slave dynamics, the un-trainable slave, the un-trainable Master, and planning for the long term.

I am excited because these things really mean a lot to me. For me having successful Masters and slaves is so important, and  starting dialogues that I wish that I had, especially when I was starting out, makes me feel like  I am still learning, and growing and possibly able to maybe make things easier on someone else.

I had a lot of questions when I started and not a lot of people to answer them without their own agenda which was not my success as much as it was their ego boost. And after a while, I simply stopped asking questions, because I felt at best unsupported in my new identity. 

I tried going online to ask questions and found only sarcasm in between being outright attacked. People didn't feel that I could be a Master if I had questions, and they let me know it.

I tried to find answers in books, but it just seemed like what I was reading was so removed from my life I couldn't relate to the writers.  

We weren't rich, never will be, so having unlimited space, toys, and time seemed bizarre and completely un-relatable. I remember reading one book where the slave rented out a theater and suspension equipment for their Masters birthday.

I have never got off on pain for punishment, or the amount of ego that the writers use to describe this concept. I remember reading about a slave that was late and caned for it, and ok, but they didn't live together, and they only played once a month, so it was more like foreplay then punishment. 

And we weren't straight or both white, so we were dealing with homophobia, racism (to a small degree), as well as being discounted because I was a female seeking my dominant side. I remember reading about the male Master and the female slave and thinking that if I was a man, what I am doing would not be questioned, but celebrated. 

I really wanted real answers to real time questions, and the difficult thing was that when I first started, I didn't even know what questions to ask.

That was the hard part, not knowing and not feeling like I was safe enough to seek. So I went inside myself, and I was surprised to find that the answers were there. Over time, as I found answers finding the questions became easier. For me, I found the answers before the questions, and then pieced them all together. For example when I came to the realization that I needed to do things because of my personal connection to power, I realized that that was the answer to the question- why I did not use corporal punishment. 

The more that I talked with my slave, and the more that I explored and talked with the Albuquerque community the more clarity I got.

Over time the big things that I struggled with so many years ago got clearer and clearer, and finally I saw them for what they were. 
Questions that needed answering from someone who was more vested in my growth then they were in their own pants party.  When that hit me, I realized that that is what I wanted to do for others. 

It isn't that I have all the answers or claim to, or that I can’t learn from others no matter what their experience level- I do that still, and love every minute of it. It isn't that I don't get intimidated when I am around other Masters or even slaves, I do, and I should. I even sweat a little, OK maybe a lot. It isn't that I always  feel  right at  home, or that I am  not striving for a better understanding in my own life with my own slave, I do.

What it is that- it doesn’t have to be so hard.  It doesn’t have to be so intimidating, or so lonely. It can be fun, powerful, inspiring, and uplifting, and done in a place surrounded by love and comfort. 

That is what I want to give back, the ideas that one: you are not alone and two: you’re answers are yours, so even if you are the only one doing those things hold onto them. 

If you are interested in attending PERV and you are on Fetlife  the event listing is here:   https://fetlife.com/events/169707

If you are interested in  attending PERV and you are not on Fetlife please contact Sera Miles for details and to RSVP at: seramiles@gmail.com


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