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Saturday, April 28, 2012

 Not a Masochist-  my ass!!!!

Masters are extremely difficult to serve especially on their birthdays...
 I should know!!

The other day  I was talking to my slave and she was a little upset because she didn't think that she was a masochist....

When I was done laughing I said "the hell you aren't!!!"

I decided to point out a few things:

Who sleeps in the same bed as me after cabbage and beans?

Who sits in the passengers seat the few times that I do drive and  says not word one when it comes to the fact that I am flipping through radio channels more then  looking at the road....

Who deals with my mood swings, is my PR department, and very kindly  reminds me when perhaps I am to dickish....

Who gets up at 5 am to pick me up from work?

Who smooths over my verbal oopsies, and just smiles gently when I say OPP to other people of color,  while making a hand gesture?

Who has to keep hearing  "we are late,  I don't like to be LATE!", when it was me who pushed the snooze button 18 times?

Who deals with Masters vision?  Honey have you seen........ I cant find... I just looked for...... It wasn't there a minute ago....

If that isn't a masochist  then I don't know what one is....

Happy birthday to me.......


  1. Do you mean cabbage and beans at the same meal? Because that makes her the most hardcore player EVER.

    xoxo to you both! And happy birthday. :)

  2. LOL!! I know !!!!

    Thanks Sexy Legs:)