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The meetings are free to all who wish to attend!

If you are interested in power munches, skills workshops or play parties in the Albuquerque area please contact the 20 year organization of AEL at:


If you are interested in active online community please find:


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Land Of Enchantment Fetlifers

Albuquerque Kinksters

KinkySpot Clubhouse

Albuquerque Master/slave forum

New Mexico Leather League: Leather/Kink/Fetish and More

Friday, February 28, 2014

The 8$ car wash.

This week I had sometime before the AEL meeting, and so I drove around a bit until I found a car wash.  It was 8$.

So why would an eight dollar car wash be so significant?  It was significant because for the first time in four years I had the money, the time, the effort, and energy to spend on it. It was weird.

I sat in the car wash with the radio playing and it occurred to me. This wasn’t our last eight dollars for the week. We didn’t have to hold onto those eight dollars like gold-- to use on gas or hay. Then having to  stretch  out those last eight dollars worth of gas to  work  for the whole week, or one bale  of hay to  last for four days-  which  would mean one feeding a day (not two ) and of much  less then the horses would need. Meanwhile sweating it out in the hopes that nothing else happened, like a blown tire, or one of the horses getting sick, or one if us getting sick and needing cough medicine that would mean no gas or no hay, and us wishing for our eight dollars back.

I wasn’t so  mentally and emotionally  exhausted from  stress-  what that  meant was that   I actually had the presence of mind to  think to  myself- hey the van  is nasty-  I should surprise my slave and  do something.  I went to three places to find the kind of working car wash that I wanted.  I wasn’t driving fast, or worried that I should be conserving gas money or time. I wasn’t so exhausted at that the thought of having to do one more thing - that I felt pushed to my edge. 

It was the mundane. The ordinary. It was what normal people do in normal lives when their cars are dirty. It felt good. Foreign.

And afterwards I went to AEL with my new looking van-  which  is blue by the way-  and before I went into  the restaurant I looked the van over, all sparkly and clean. And I was relaxed, even giddy.  This is what a normal life feels like.

The funny part was that after AEL when I was leaving, I walked over to one of the dirty vans in the parking lot- because I thought it was mine!

It was then that I realized that after all of this time and effort-  that  things really are getting better, slowly, as we financially, emotionally and physically recover from the last few years of our life. All of our work  to  change our situation was paying off, and I was rewarded with  an 8$ car wash.

How lucky am I?

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Tomorrow is the Unseen Gallery's Open House!

My slave is cooking her heels off for the food tomorrow!

Want to  experience  amazing food, tremendous art, laughter, warmth, and love???

Sunday February 23!!  OPEN HOUSE from  4PM-6PM.


Friday, February 21, 2014

You only have once.... Make it count.

I have an amazing life.  I am surrounded  by  people and opportunities that push  me. That challenge me, that make me think and feel  and look at what and who  I am on the inside.

The other day I was talking with a friend-  someone very  different from  me - when just how much my life is filled with  amazing people hit me.

Here was someone who  had never really lived- they  had done everything that their family, then their marriage, and the church  had every told them to  do  to live a fulfilled life-  and they were now at a place where they were wondering what had happened to them. What had happened to their life?

They asked me what I had done last weekend.

I paused-  

Here is what I was honored to  be a part of:




My slave:


So  this one  is from  my slave and  I couldn't get to  rotate:)
I couldn't get this one to rotate either....

And then  after this amazing and freeing experience  I spent the afternoon with loved ones and we all  went to the Albuquerque Masters Group meeting.

The AMG was really interesting. I am  very proud that I have been  able to  cultivate an  area of candor and openess.
That is what I always wanted.
So many good questions  were asked to  the group, there was good debate. There were people saying-  I dont understnad.
that was hudge for me.
For Masters to  openly admit to  each  other -  I dont get this--- clarify it for me.
that was everything I ever wanted right there in  that meeting.

There where challenges at this meeting, as tere are at all  meetings.
But good ones, ones that make me grow, and ones that challenge where I stand as far as the groups integrity and intention.

The next meeting will be in  April.

So  I paused and I looked at this person  and I felt this overwhelming amount of gratefulness and gratitude for the opportunities in my life.

How lucky am I?

Friday, February 14, 2014


This weekend is going to be amazing. I can’t wait. On Saturday night is the AEL play party, and because of school and work and all of the change in our lives we have not had a lot of time to play. So I am SO ready! I hope that I don’t get to excited ad spooge myself early! I am  already  thinking- will it be flogging, clothespins, caning, spanking, bondage, breast torture, is my Sadist going to  make a show?  Maybe it will all 


Then on Sunday there are two things that I can’t wait for!!!

First off I am modeling - NUDE - for Darla’s drawing class!  I am so excited and so nervous! I see how amazing my slaves body is, how she moves with such grace and such confidence when she models.  It is my goal to put all of my insecurities aside and indulge myself in the luxuriousness of this. This is the first time I am opening up my body this way- for anyone to see that comes through those doors to be in the class. Humm… I should stop talking. 

The class will be 1-3pm on this Sunday.

For more info on the class such as directions look here:


Then after the modeling class, we are going right to be the AMG! This time it is for the “M” and “D” types only. It is our chance to get together and talk with each other without our “s” types. We will be led by questions in the hat- which allows all of us to have input on where the discussion goes. Questions can be asked open to the group, to a person in particular, anonymously, or however you wish to phrase them.  

Anything goes.

The AMG will be from 4-6 PM on this Sunday.

Please contact me for host house directions:

On Fetlife I am Beardaddy

Or via email: bigdykebear@yahoo.com

Then  to  put the icing on the cake I am  teaching a flogging class at Self Serve on Tuesday!

Info  on  the class can  be found here:



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Loss of Thorn

Hello Everyone,

 Yesterday I was informed that one from our community, Thorn, passed away.

Over the last few years my slave and I got to know Thorn  very well,  he was a generous and kind man who loved giving to  this community.
He was not just an  amazing host house, but an  amazing  teacher, and presenter. In the Scene he was known for his wealth  of knowledge about play,  his ability to heavily bottom,  and his amazing and fun creativity around creating his own  toys.

He would make something out of nothing-  the MacGyver of BDSM- so  to  speak.

I heard that  he died at home, with  the pets that he loved so  much, and the spiritual  belongings that brought him  peace.  

We will  be missed deeply and dearly, and his expertise, creativity and joy will  inspire those that knew him  for years to come.

This weekend on  Saturday night is the AEL Play Party-  Thorn  loved play, and so if you want to  honor him-  come play.
If you want to  honor life-  come play.
If you want to  celebrate the life of a man that loved  pain  as much  as he loved giving pain-  come play.
If you don't know what to do  and need to be around those that understand the pain  of his loss-  just come-  and then  play.

Albuqueruqe Masters Group meeting this Sunday

Hello All!

 The AMG is meeting this Sunday from 4-6.
This is a "M" type, "D" type get together  only-  no "s" types allowed.
Anyone who  is Master identified, looking towards their path  to  Mastery,  or is exploring their Dominance is welcome.
The get together  is free- please bring your ideas and experiences to  share!

Please contact me for directions!