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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Thinning of The Veil

Today is Halloween. I love this day. Tomorrow night we celebrate Sowen  with a ritual  in the mountains. This is a great time of reflection and giving of thanks.

For the last few weeks I have been telling people, with   much  delight and wonder how much our life has changed.

When  we lived in our old house I would say "when  things are better we can..."  fill in the blank here.

And now I look  at the blanks and they are all  getting filled.

Simple things that have a dramatic affect on our lives. A cell phone,  me being back  in  school, my slave going to  dance class  just to name a few.

When  I think about how this all of this movement started-  it started with  a book.

My slave left one of her books in  the bathroom  of the old house.

It was called VooDou  Visions,  and in one of my forced moments of sitting down (hahhahah) I picked it up and it fell  to  a page which  I skimmed over.

The next time I was in  there it was the same thing,  and by time three I started to notice a pattern.

Every time the book  opened it opened to  the same page- Maman  Brijit. 

So  I asked my slave who  is this and what does it mean?

 My slave knew Maman and explained her to  me. Maman is a Loa in VooDou-  kind of like a Saint is in  Christianity. (Very loosely here.)

And she was calling to me.

It was after I started communicating with  Maman Brijit things started to change and fast.

Within  months we were here-  our new place-  and I finally knew what all  of those religious folks had been  talking about all  those years.

It wasn't just that Maman had provided so much  for us, it was more then that.

It was a calling to  her. I felt safety with her, a deep  understanding that spiritually I am  not alone.

I keep  her alter by me at the table by the couch. I give thanks and deep  appreciation to  her for all  that I am  grateful  for. 

Tonight is about giving her my thanks, walking beside her, giving her my deep  appreciation of how far she has  taken  me, how much  she has held my hand, how much  she has given  me hope, and how much  we have yet to explore.

So  today I share  with  you a peice of myself in hopes that if you are searching for a voice that you will  one day find it, and that it brings you peace. 

For Maman With Deepest  Respect-

Friday, October 24, 2014

Leather Fiesta Madness!

My slave and love has been working tirelessly over the last few days to make her homemade bath and body  goods for Leather Fiesta.  

Everything that she made is organic but NOT edible!  And you will want to eat it!  BUT DON’T!  They will be available at the Tease table in the vender area throughout the event. Look  for Deborah and Travis and their amazing custom made leather goods!

Here is a sneak  peak  of what she has created!  

Tops and Pervy Aftercare package including:  foot massage cream, achy hand and knuckle ointment, custom herbal  tea blend, sore muscle massage salve and more!

Bottoms UP aftercare kit including: custom herbal  tea,  "I kneed you joint cream",  a black  and blue boo boo salve, and more!

Pampered Goddess kit for trans women and women  with sensitive skin including: a sensitive skin  toner, a micro-derm  abrasion kit, rose bath  mix, white chocolate whipped shake body butter and more!

Pampered Goddess Kit for cross dressers, drag queens and women  with  combination  skin including: skin toner,  oat and lavender bath  mix, salt glow, chocolate whipped shake body butter and more!

Individually there is also:  chocolate and wine salt glow, whipped shake body butter, face toner, healing foot cream, candied rose petals, cardmon  and chocolate bath  oil, and floral  bath  oil!

I am  so  proud of her!!!!   

The Mad Scientists TABLE :

 all her GOODS!

 floral  face steam

healing foot butter

 skin softening bath 

 Herbal  Tea for Tops

AND MORE!!!!! 

Special  Thank  you to   the Deborah and Travis at TEASE for this opportunity!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thank you From BOZO!!!!

I would like to say thank  you so to  everyone who  came to  Bozos fundraiser! From  the attendees to  the donators and volunteers we are all  so  grateful  for your   for donating your time effort and energy to  helping him  receive his cancer surgery!

Due to  this communities efforts there was 640$ raised that night.  
The attendees efforts  meant that this week  Bozo was able to  get his surgery and is currently completely recovered.

Thank  you so much  for giving of yourself and making this happen!
It is times like this that I am  so  deeply PROUD to  be a part of  this community!


Handy and t
Horns and n
M and Vlad

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My slaves Come Out Come Out video!

For those that are using phoines/ipads-  Here is the link that is  more available!  



Friday, October 10, 2014

Come Out Come Out

When my slave got the initial email to put in her application for “Come Out Come Out” I was so happy for her. We both knew that it may or may not be accepted since so many people out in the applications and there were only for spots left. So when she got the approval I was so stunned and proud! 

It was weeks of her working on the song, the costume the last minute details, and the ever important Plan “B”.  The night before the show it became apparent that her skirt was not going to be ready. So we switched to plan “B” and she prepped for that change.  

The costume was inspired by the last Hunger Games- she was covered in butterflies! It was so beautiful! I got to dress her- I do love doing that- and I got to put the butterflies all over her costume and skin!  It was so much FUN!

Afterwards I went out in  the crowd-  she was second in  the line up- I sat down  and realized that it has been  forever since I have been  in  a crowd full  of LGBTQ. People like me- of sorts. 

I LOVED watching the butches in their fancy digs hold the elbows of heir femmes as they navigated the crowd. 

I LOVED watching the dynamics of the single butches holding their beers trying to get the attention of that special femme across the room. The stance, the bravado that smile as they take a swig- all the while hoping that their nervousness and desire are covered in their swagger. I remember that- I remember doing that- so  hopeful-

I LOVED watching the femmes in  their high  skirts and heels,  glimpses of thigh  tattoos, cleavage hoisted to  the sky, shy knowing smiles.

I LOVED watching the Andros- not as many now as there was years ago- stoic faces,  trying to  fit in, unsure, standing next to  partners dressed as they are, twins in  a sea of individuals.

I LOVED watching the Queens supremely confident in  their immaculate make up and heels, the younger “queens to be” watching without trying to  be so  obvious, inching their way over to  the glamor with  dreamy eyes and practicing feet.

It was so beautiful- it was so intense, it was so glorious and affirming.
And there was me- camera hanging over my crotch- the ultimate sign of “married” scrambling back  and forth, trying to  get her something to  drink, making sure the camera is on the right settings, nervous for her, and saying that I am not. Reveling in  my place. My place beside her.

How lucky am  I?

Take a look  for yourself!!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014


Before you continue reading- this was NOT vanilla consensual  and I know that-  it  borders on  sane.

The JW's have been  here three times.

The last time the JW's came to  the house I told the- remember this address-  AND do  not come back. So  When  the JW's knocked on  the door that leads right to  the Dungeon- I did what I have always wanted to  do.

So  I had to  run  off the crapper and put on a  robe and go  answer the door-  when I saw the JW's outside of the dungeon  door- I thought-  COME ON!!!

So  I opened the door and I said-  "OH no You DIDN'T-  But wait -  who are you?"  (After all  if they were selling cake.... it is after all  cake...)

They said we are JW's.  It was two  girls.

I said

"I have told you not to  come back  here. "

One of the girls sadi  "Was your house on  a list then?"

I said :

"Yes, but since you have knocked on the door to  my dungeon would you like to come in? I have a spanking bench  and a cross. This is where we throw  the BDSM and sex parties-  Would you like me coming to  your house?"

 They stood wide eyes not moving  and then  said  "NO!"

I said

"REALLY,  you DON'T want me coming to  your house?? Are you sure you dont want me coming to your house?  I can  get your address and then I can  invite you to  the BDSM and sex parties. IN FACT let me show you my toys."

I closed the door  (SO  that the cats would not get out)  and I grabbed a flogger. 

 When I returned they were running for the car.

I started throwing the flogger around and I yelled:

"OHH COME BACK!! Really you will be so  much  more relaxed!  This would be good for you!  Come on-  REALLY-  you  would be SO MUCH  MORE RELAXED."

They peeled out of our driveway so  fast -  there was a squealing of tires and dust.

It felt good-  it felt really good.

I have always wanted to  do  that.

I know it makes me a bad person.

I am  OK with  that.

In my defense I didn't even  grab the cat o' nine-  I grabbed a soft flogger-    Hum....  maybe they were into  canes......

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hot People/Hot Play/Hot Community/ AND THE FOOD!!!!!

Holy COW! I just realized that I was so busy that I forgot to write something last week! OOPS!!

The fund raiser that we threw last Saturday was a complete blast!! I think that handing out raffle tickets kicked off the evening really well. It was decided that everyone should get raffle tickets - whether they had money or not.  It was also decided that we were going to give as many as the person wanted, however they wanted them. So I got to say-   “give me money- or not, and how many do you want?”  OR- “your choice of whom you want to wrap or be wrapped by!” 

It was so awesome having a lot of people being wrapped or doing the wrapping-  and not having it limited to  whoever can  pay for however many tickets. We wanted everyone to have at least a chance to win something!! So even if you didn’t have money, we wrapped you and gave them to you anyway!  The raffle was so amazing!!   

You could have heard a pin drop as they called out the numbers- and it felt right to just give out the tickets! I have been at events before where I couldn't afford to buy tickets. I know that that feels like.  So being able to say “no money - so what- how many do you want?” was a joy for me.
The raffle prizes were delicious!  Homemade jewelry, shoes, floggers, Alibi  made this piece that every one drooled over, bondage,  rope, fire cupping,  Vlad's balls,  lap dancing, cherry dump cake, massages, clothespins, and so much  more! People came and gave and gave!!! 

After the raffle  the play  that night was hot hot- flogging, electricity, and oh- the massages-mmmmmmmm.   

I was so blessed I got to do saline injections and electricity- Roughhouse you are such a STUD! And when M came over to join us- it was delicious!!! She held him, and I happily zapped away at his man  junk!!

Then I was feeling expansive- I wanted to try all sort of things!!!  So I DID!!! I got to cane and flog Vlad’s balls!  YEP! M said go for it- AND BOY DID I! It was weird- from time to time it was, you know, looking at me, you know his junk, so  I had to  move it over to the other side with my shirt. I felt that was more respectful of M.  DAMN-  it was AWESOME!!!!

Then this gentleman wanted to know how different floggers felt,  so my slave TOTALLY PIMPED me out!  WHAT?!?!?!?

  I jumped at the chance and I flogged him. it was short, a learning session. Different floggers feel differently talking him through.  “You feel this? You feel it be different?” This is this one that is that one- it was cool and fun. My slave assisted, we talked in hushed tones about him, she held the floggers, and tended to me. I loved that, she is so insightful and knowledgeable. I am so proud!  

I was on cloud nine by the time it was all said and done. I sat on the couch happy, laughing, giggling, glazed over, and so deeply fulfilled. 

What made it even more amazing was at the very end of the night my slave and I and Bozos guardians all sat down to count. Now I had a goal of about 200$ that I really wanted raised- but the money wasn’t as important as the support that was shown, so I just let any expectation of that go. 

When I heard the total I was blown away- 640$. NO Shit- 640$!!!!! 

I just sat back and let myself breathe.
This community is amazing.

All of it blew my mind- the food – the people- the volunteers- the atmosphere. There was so much experience and knowledge at the party I didn’t feel a need to go over the rules- I really felt that people knew how to act and how to respect each other.

It reminded me why I love it here so much. There was so much laughter and so much joy. I felt so deeply blessed.

Bozo has only 500$ to go to make his surgery. We as a community did that. We made it work.