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Friday, October 10, 2014

Come Out Come Out

When my slave got the initial email to put in her application for “Come Out Come Out” I was so happy for her. We both knew that it may or may not be accepted since so many people out in the applications and there were only for spots left. So when she got the approval I was so stunned and proud! 

It was weeks of her working on the song, the costume the last minute details, and the ever important Plan “B”.  The night before the show it became apparent that her skirt was not going to be ready. So we switched to plan “B” and she prepped for that change.  

The costume was inspired by the last Hunger Games- she was covered in butterflies! It was so beautiful! I got to dress her- I do love doing that- and I got to put the butterflies all over her costume and skin!  It was so much FUN!

Afterwards I went out in  the crowd-  she was second in  the line up- I sat down  and realized that it has been  forever since I have been  in  a crowd full  of LGBTQ. People like me- of sorts. 

I LOVED watching the butches in their fancy digs hold the elbows of heir femmes as they navigated the crowd. 

I LOVED watching the dynamics of the single butches holding their beers trying to get the attention of that special femme across the room. The stance, the bravado that smile as they take a swig- all the while hoping that their nervousness and desire are covered in their swagger. I remember that- I remember doing that- so  hopeful-

I LOVED watching the femmes in  their high  skirts and heels,  glimpses of thigh  tattoos, cleavage hoisted to  the sky, shy knowing smiles.

I LOVED watching the Andros- not as many now as there was years ago- stoic faces,  trying to  fit in, unsure, standing next to  partners dressed as they are, twins in  a sea of individuals.

I LOVED watching the Queens supremely confident in  their immaculate make up and heels, the younger “queens to be” watching without trying to  be so  obvious, inching their way over to  the glamor with  dreamy eyes and practicing feet.

It was so beautiful- it was so intense, it was so glorious and affirming.
And there was me- camera hanging over my crotch- the ultimate sign of “married” scrambling back  and forth, trying to  get her something to  drink, making sure the camera is on the right settings, nervous for her, and saying that I am not. Reveling in  my place. My place beside her.

How lucky am  I?

Take a look  for yourself!!!



  1. You are both so lucky to have each other! Wow! Eve was amazing as always ! the butterflies were stunning! I am so BUMMED that I missed this!!!!!
    Two of the most amazing people I have ever had the chance to know!

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much Tops! It was phenomenal - the whole experience was overwhelming and affirming-

    Luv to you Beautiful!