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Friday, October 3, 2014

Hot People/Hot Play/Hot Community/ AND THE FOOD!!!!!

Holy COW! I just realized that I was so busy that I forgot to write something last week! OOPS!!

The fund raiser that we threw last Saturday was a complete blast!! I think that handing out raffle tickets kicked off the evening really well. It was decided that everyone should get raffle tickets - whether they had money or not.  It was also decided that we were going to give as many as the person wanted, however they wanted them. So I got to say-   “give me money- or not, and how many do you want?”  OR- “your choice of whom you want to wrap or be wrapped by!” 

It was so awesome having a lot of people being wrapped or doing the wrapping-  and not having it limited to  whoever can  pay for however many tickets. We wanted everyone to have at least a chance to win something!! So even if you didn’t have money, we wrapped you and gave them to you anyway!  The raffle was so amazing!!   

You could have heard a pin drop as they called out the numbers- and it felt right to just give out the tickets! I have been at events before where I couldn't afford to buy tickets. I know that that feels like.  So being able to say “no money - so what- how many do you want?” was a joy for me.
The raffle prizes were delicious!  Homemade jewelry, shoes, floggers, Alibi  made this piece that every one drooled over, bondage,  rope, fire cupping,  Vlad's balls,  lap dancing, cherry dump cake, massages, clothespins, and so much  more! People came and gave and gave!!! 

After the raffle  the play  that night was hot hot- flogging, electricity, and oh- the massages-mmmmmmmm.   

I was so blessed I got to do saline injections and electricity- Roughhouse you are such a STUD! And when M came over to join us- it was delicious!!! She held him, and I happily zapped away at his man  junk!!

Then I was feeling expansive- I wanted to try all sort of things!!!  So I DID!!! I got to cane and flog Vlad’s balls!  YEP! M said go for it- AND BOY DID I! It was weird- from time to time it was, you know, looking at me, you know his junk, so  I had to  move it over to the other side with my shirt. I felt that was more respectful of M.  DAMN-  it was AWESOME!!!!

Then this gentleman wanted to know how different floggers felt,  so my slave TOTALLY PIMPED me out!  WHAT?!?!?!?

  I jumped at the chance and I flogged him. it was short, a learning session. Different floggers feel differently talking him through.  “You feel this? You feel it be different?” This is this one that is that one- it was cool and fun. My slave assisted, we talked in hushed tones about him, she held the floggers, and tended to me. I loved that, she is so insightful and knowledgeable. I am so proud!  

I was on cloud nine by the time it was all said and done. I sat on the couch happy, laughing, giggling, glazed over, and so deeply fulfilled. 

What made it even more amazing was at the very end of the night my slave and I and Bozos guardians all sat down to count. Now I had a goal of about 200$ that I really wanted raised- but the money wasn’t as important as the support that was shown, so I just let any expectation of that go. 

When I heard the total I was blown away- 640$. NO Shit- 640$!!!!! 

I just sat back and let myself breathe.
This community is amazing.

All of it blew my mind- the food – the people- the volunteers- the atmosphere. There was so much experience and knowledge at the party I didn’t feel a need to go over the rules- I really felt that people knew how to act and how to respect each other.

It reminded me why I love it here so much. There was so much laughter and so much joy. I felt so deeply blessed.

Bozo has only 500$ to go to make his surgery. We as a community did that. We made it work.


  1. It was an amazing evening! I loved being able to watch you go crazy with that wand ! Your energy throughout the night was great! Lots of great food, fun and laughter! I had no idea how wonderful the night would be , I don't think I can pick one thing that was my favorite! The lap Dance was amazing, being wrapped by K. was sooooo sexy! watching the torture that k. inflicted with so much love was .....fun! ;) Watching the two of you work together, as well as the input coming from others in the room was beautiful!
    So may people, and all just full of ideas to try and laughter that was shared. I am officially "hooked" ! I will be coming to Albuquerque a LOT more !

    Thank you so much for opening your home to us! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

  2. Dearest Tops!!!! I loved having you here! Anytime that you want to be wrapped- my hands are itching!! I am so glad that you had a wonderful .time- it was absolutely our intent t have everyone feel welcome and loved! That lap dance was hot wasn't it?!?!?!?! WOOF!