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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Ending Of NMFL

For those of you that have only come into the community in Albuquerque within the last 4 years or so, you have always had access to New Mexico Fetlifers, and so you are the lucky ones. For those of us that where here past that, there are still the not do  fond memories of the choking feeling of small town politics.

I love the Albuquerque community, always have. We are strongly diverse, passionate, and we love our play. But until New Mexico Fetlifers came, there was - well- difficulty. I am not saying that all of the small town politics have gone away over the years, no one is that lucky. What I am saying is that New Mexico Fetlifers crashed through the way it was and opened up unlimited possibilities for those that saw how things could be.

Not only did the board of fantastic four organize, advocate and bring in speakers from all over. Bigger then that- they opened the door and made it possible for anyone that had the drive to organize to have an open and far reaching platform.

NMFL breathed parts of this community to life, and gave the “up and comers” a sense of inclusion that had not been available until then.
Personally NMFL made some of my dreams come true. It was always a dream to meet Vi Johnson, Jay Wiseman, and Guy Baldwin. Things that I NEVER believed would happen have now become fond memories woven in to the fabric of my life.  

So when NMFL announced that they were closing it down I flat out panicked.  The idea that this community would revert back to what it had been was unthinkable to me. When others in the community stepped forward ready to  pick  up the reins when NMFL closed I was so deeply grateful for them. 

Over the years the board of NMFL has taken their fair share of knocks. And as much as I can say that I haven’t always agreed with them personally, I have had and will always have the deepest respect for what they did to and for this community.

Like many organizers I would not be surprised if the fantastic four are sitting down, knocking back a heavy drink, licking their wounds and remembering with bittersweet words their last few years.

I can only hope that their memories are not to bitter- and more sweet. 
That they remember that if not for them many many dreams would have been unrealized.

Thank  you fantastic four. You deserved better.

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