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Friday, May 29, 2015

M/s For the Rest of Us.

Hello everyone! 
Well, it is finally here. The culmination  of years of wanting this to  happen.

I have wanted to  be a writer since I was a kid. It is the one thing that I can  remember with  certainty.
In  high  school  I was on the journalism  team and I had my own  column for about 3 years. 
After high  school  I was published in  various forms until  my first marriage at 25 years old.

Then  about 5 years ago  I stated writing again  when the delicious Pixie, who   I was corresponding with  at the time, asked me "what is your dream  job?"

I started writing the next day.  "M/s for the rest of Us" is my second written  book, but my first published one. My first written  book is  called "Through  the Bad Patch" .   I am  putting that piece on  the back burner, it is a lesbian  fiction book that deals with domestic violence. 

I am  doing that because I am currently writing  my third book on  nurse to  nurse violence, and I want that one out before "Bad Patch".

 So  how did this happen? Well......  The four of us were out to  lunch in  January. We were talking about Spring Pan, vending, and what each  of us were  going to  do for the table. Everyone had a thing except me so  I decided that I was going to  be the barker. The loud obnoxious one that brought people over to the table-  it wasn't a stretch  for me!  
 I was more then  happy to  be a barker! I even  had my tag line ready I was going to  say "DO YOU Want to  get laid?  If so  come to our table! " 

Well  that want good enough  for my family, they pushed me and asked,  "No really, Keli, what do  you DO?"  I said quietly "I write."  

And they took  it from  there. they asked about my book writing and what was ready, I explained that the books are written , I just needed an  editor and a publisher. 

They had both,  at their fingertips and I was out of excuses and fast. I got so  nauseous that I couldn't even  finish  lunch. 

My editor  Lisa  Powell challenged me and pushed me. She asked my to write better and more chapters,  to  cover content that I had missed. She would not let it go until  she felt that I was at my best. She shouldered so much  of my anxiety and pushed through and got the work  done. 
So  many times I was able to  say "I don't care"  when it came to  formatting and  the foot work. I had something that I was adamant about, but for the most part  I was impartial.
And after months of her hard work and my atrociously spelled and grammar-less re writes, here it is:

If you want a copy you can  get one here, there are also  reviews posted there:  


Or on Amazon:


If you want to  do  something really cool  go  to  Google and type     


and then  watch  it come right up!!   

Wow-  how cool.

How lucky am  I?

Friday, May 22, 2015

"That is just what we do.”

It was at Spring Pan that WhipDaddy, Mauro, myself and my slave go pinned into  Mama's family. 

About two weeks alter I had the chance to  sit down  with WhipDaddy and he pulled up  the Mamas family pic taken a week  after Spring Pan at the Southwest Leather  event and he said   

"What makes that significant is that this picture was taken  a WEEK after Spring Pan , and everyone in it was either vending, boot blacking, donating, or performing for the Southwest Leather  event on that night. That is just what we do.”

He is right. That is just what we do.

This community blows my mind.

(Also  SPECIAL   thanks to  Vlad7 for having his camera at the ready!) 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hot Play, Bozo, and this community at its BEST.

The AEL play party in April was epic! I was not feeling well as I was  still recovering from my sinus and ear infections. The meds were kind of working, but not all of the way.  I was really struggling with not being nauseous and trying to be upbeat. 

I needed to go because I had a lot of the supplies for the party. Also because we  were moving the equipment out of the host house that night. I love helping out in that way. I know that when it comes to organizing stuff, it is the behind the scenes crew that can make and break a night. So I was happy to help. 

But 5 minutes before we left for the party I was still puking in the sink. The kitchen sink. My slave was not happy. 

Both because I was sick and still insistent on going and because- hey it was the kitchen sink.

But I was so glad that we went! That night it was announced that The Boobs for Bozo event by AMG was nominated for small event of the year at Pantheon. Huge. Huge. It was incredible to hear.
Later that night my slave was topping a hot redhead. It was hot to watch my slave top her. My slave had been prepping for her scene most of the day.  Throwing a few floggers, talking about biting, lipstick, and how she was going to make the bottom respond to her.  It was hot when she talked about it, but when she did it- WHEW! Mmmmmmmmmm...  Fantasy made LIVE!!!  IN MY PANTS!!!!!!

That night I was also honored to co top Happy Feet with another amazing Master. I had wanted to do that for a long time. To co top with this other Master who I have a deep connection with. IT was WILD! Beating and torturing the wild Happy Feet while she squirmed and moaned. IT was HOT HOT HOT! 

The other Master was using her belt; it was such a turn on!!! I used a metal flogger with chains for the falls, a cane, as well as a vampire claw. WOOF -- it was really erotic! My favorite part was when we talked about how serious leather was and then I blew a raspberry into Happy Feet’s boob. VERY SERIOUS! 

Afterwards we did some cool down and rested and I made my way into a play room. I got to watch some sensual play between two amazing people that make my heart beat a little faster every time I see them. It made me smile, made me relax, and made me enjoy and be grateful  for the night all that much more.

It wasn’t long before we had to organize for the leaving of the party. I went happy, delirious, and floaty.
We got to play and we go to help be a part of things going smoothly. It was perfect night.

Here is the submission for Pantheon.   I am so deeply honored. Even if we don’t win- the idea that someone sees what AMG is about and wants to honor that- Wow- I am just - Wow. . .

It is my honor to submit an event for the Small Event of the Year Pantheon of Leather Award. That event was “Boobies for Bozo” held September 27, 2014. It was a fundraiser that brought together many of the wildly diverse facets of the Albuquerque community to raise funds for cancer treatment for a former IMsL’s beloved dog (Lori “IMsL 2004” Ellison’s dog, Bozo). It was a joint venture of Albuquerque Master’s Group (AMG) and Alternative Erotic Lifestyles (AEL) and raised nearly $1,000 to cover veterinary bills. It was attended by about 60 people (many of whom were newcomers to the Albuquerque BDSM scene). It featured a sumptuous soul food dinner, a raffle, and a raucous play party. One of the highlights of the event was what has come to be known as the “Bozo style” raffle -- which allows people a chance to participate regardless of their means. The event was a tremendous success; its format becoming the framework for a subsequent fundraiser for March of Dimes (“Boobies for Babies” held this spring). Boobies for Bozo was notable not just for the money it raised, but for its relaxed atmosphere and the way it brought together so many of the facets of the diverse Albuquerque Community for a great, fun-filled evening.

Friday, May 8, 2015

When we come together

 A few months ago I had this thought “I want to do a fundraiser and I want to do some workshops for AMG  (Albuquerque Masters Group). But I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so how do I make this work and make this cohesive?”  So I went to Stan  at  AEL and I said “let’s do something together. AEL Kinkskills already  does hands on workshops so  how about an event with AMG?  That way everything is above board, everyone is talking, and everyone gets a hand on things.”  I got so excited and then Stan got excited and then it just flew from my hands from there. 

People poured out off the wood work to give donations, and they were AMAZING! We had a 200.00$ dress, a violet wand set, a leather vest, a set of hi heel thigh high black and red boots, a full package from Spring Pan. 

And as much as these things got me so excited, what else got my fire burning was the collaboration. It turns out that one of our classes was precursor to Spring Pan, and so the teachers were going to get together to support each other and help the attendees transition from class to class.
That is what this community is all about. It is so giving.

So the day of the event we were ready. My slave had spent weeks on the garden and on the house making everything comes together. When the doors opened it was a steady line of people. The classes started and by the end of the class times they were packed full-- with people still coming. 

One of the classes was needle play. I love to do needles on someone else, but I had never had it done to me- so I thought perfect opportunity to try. So there I was  with  my one needle  inserted in my arm, slumped over the table, turning green  and calling myself a bad ass. I watched as others took  rows of needles, and I thought I could  do one more.  Nope.  So I found out a little something about myself.

Afterwards the raffle was epic! I was so grateful for all of the help! 

Jaime and Lori handled the raffle so that I could go do other things. That was huge because the donations kept pouring in as the people did. I couldn’t keep UP!!!! They took in  all of the prizes, set up  cups to hold the tickets and labeled everything. It was more then I could handle and they were AMAZING!  

After the raffle we went right into play. 

At that point was getting a little tired. I went to sit in the dungeon to watch and enjoy the energy of the play. Then I realized-OH SHIT! The cleaning supplies!!!  I totally FORGOT the cleaning supplies! I grabbed the next person  that I thought could help  and sent him  to  the room  for the supplies.  It wasn’t until  afterwards that I thought! OH SHIT I forgot the trash cans!!AAAAA!!!
Oh well- everyone stayed safe, everyone was wonderful. Some people even  had cleaning wipes on hand and took  care of their areas.  The play was so beautiful to watch. So many different types of play. There was flogging, rope, vampire gloves, dragon’s tail, and we even had a “little” show and do some coloring!

After the last AEL munch on knife play I have wanted to do some knife play!  It just so  happens I know  this amazing bottom who I will call Happy feet. 
I had her close her eyes and I played and played on her body, as she writhed and bucked. It was so amazing! It was so much fun! Afterwards we went and rested in aftercare, and I took the night in.
I had the chance to  talk with  so many wonderful people. To  get to know them a  little better,  to  see how when  asked people would  happily, willingly, beautifully and selflessly give parts of themselves up  to the cause.

At the end of the day the community raised 250.00$ for AEL Kinkskills, and another 1200.00$ for March of Dimes.
This community did that.

You did that.

The power of collaboration, being above board and inclusion did that.

The joy of seeing each other successful did that.

The coming together for something bigger than “us”  did that. 

There are few things greater than that.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Pan, tastings, flogging, play, PINS!!!!

Spring Pan. Wow. What just happened in my life? Huh.

On Friday night we showed up and did the tasting. I did flogging, but I had the easy part. My slave worked her ass off as she signed people up for 15 or 10 minute sessions, then tracked them down when they would wander off, talked and put people at ease, cleaned the cross in between sessions, provided water and a place for people to sit afterwards, and encouraged people to try other things like single tail as they waited for the flogging.  I was so impressed by her- it only made me love her more.
 The whole thing was a phenomenal experience. I ended up flogging people for about three and half hours. I was sopping wet when I was done-  but I was so INTO IT didn’t really start to  hit me until  I laid down  that night.

The next day we were venders. There were four of us at our “Crossroads table” and we all had goals for the day, obtainable goals that would mark success for each of us personally and the table as a whole. So imagine our surprise when I sold out of books by noon, Lori sold out of candles, and Jaime couldn’t take a break between readings.  The biggest surprise for us was that my slaves stuff sold also completely out. I mean completely, we had nothing but empty boxes and tumbleweeds at the end of the day. It was so overwhelming that when it was time for my flogging class I was already high in the clouds!

When I walked into the class I knew it was going to be a challenge, they always are, but every class is different. My goal for that class was to get people looking at flogging differently, to get them thinking about the skill and not the tool, to get them making the connection between the crotch and the flogger. I was SO DEEPLY grateful to WhipDaddy, Master C, and my SMOKIN HOT demo bottom Cupcake for stepping up and helping people while I was rounding the room and doing one on ones.

After the class I was glowing, sweating and on cloud nine. People were really getting into positioning and understanding floggers. They were catching on to how not let the tool define the skill. It was just what I wanted. Since then I have gotten personal positive feedback- and I hope to receive my comments within the next 2 weeks or so. I wish that I would have had a little more room for people to explore- but I can’t complain- this was perfect. 

When I left the class we packed up, had dinner, and a little rest before the Pageant of the Perverse. During one of the performances I got to dance with my slave in the back, I loved holding her.
Then they called Jaime and Lori up to the stage, and I looked at my slave like “What is going on?” she just smiled. 

They started talking about Mamas family, what the organization does, and what it means to them and to the international leather community worldwide. Then they pinned our Brother WhipDaddy.  Next they called me up. I was stunned. I was so stunned that when I stood up and walked into the isle my pants feel down and I tripped almost falling over. So there I was walking up to the stage pulling up my pants, and trying not to look crazy. 

I got down on one knee to receive my pin. I couldn’t think of any other way to receive such an honor. Jaime pinned me. After that they called up my salve. They let me pin her. I was shaking and crying and so proud. Then they had JD call up our brother Mauro. I was shocked and amazed to be able to be on the stage with Jaime, Lori, WhipDaddy, and Mauro. It is one of the highest honors that I have ever received.

Afterwards was the play party. It was hot hot hot! I had the best time! I got to watch all sorts of hot amazing play and was amazed and blown away by what this community has organized.

Thank you to    ClareDeLune and to YourDarkness and to everyone who had a hand in this.
All of you made this weekend epic for me. Life changing.

As we were leaving for the night on Saturday- I had someone pull me to the side. They asked if I could talk, I said sure I have a couple of minutes. And what they said is forever burned onto my heart.

They had read some of my book, and they wanted to thank me.  What they had read had helped them. With other books it was more of a monologue, but with this one they really felt like they could do something.

I was BLOWN away. 
We had to leave because my slave was crashing, but I promised to find them on FET the next day so that we could talk. I did.


Just Amazing.