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Friday, May 8, 2015

When we come together

 A few months ago I had this thought “I want to do a fundraiser and I want to do some workshops for AMG  (Albuquerque Masters Group). But I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, so how do I make this work and make this cohesive?”  So I went to Stan  at  AEL and I said “let’s do something together. AEL Kinkskills already  does hands on workshops so  how about an event with AMG?  That way everything is above board, everyone is talking, and everyone gets a hand on things.”  I got so excited and then Stan got excited and then it just flew from my hands from there. 

People poured out off the wood work to give donations, and they were AMAZING! We had a 200.00$ dress, a violet wand set, a leather vest, a set of hi heel thigh high black and red boots, a full package from Spring Pan. 

And as much as these things got me so excited, what else got my fire burning was the collaboration. It turns out that one of our classes was precursor to Spring Pan, and so the teachers were going to get together to support each other and help the attendees transition from class to class.
That is what this community is all about. It is so giving.

So the day of the event we were ready. My slave had spent weeks on the garden and on the house making everything comes together. When the doors opened it was a steady line of people. The classes started and by the end of the class times they were packed full-- with people still coming. 

One of the classes was needle play. I love to do needles on someone else, but I had never had it done to me- so I thought perfect opportunity to try. So there I was  with  my one needle  inserted in my arm, slumped over the table, turning green  and calling myself a bad ass. I watched as others took  rows of needles, and I thought I could  do one more.  Nope.  So I found out a little something about myself.

Afterwards the raffle was epic! I was so grateful for all of the help! 

Jaime and Lori handled the raffle so that I could go do other things. That was huge because the donations kept pouring in as the people did. I couldn’t keep UP!!!! They took in  all of the prizes, set up  cups to hold the tickets and labeled everything. It was more then I could handle and they were AMAZING!  

After the raffle we went right into play. 

At that point was getting a little tired. I went to sit in the dungeon to watch and enjoy the energy of the play. Then I realized-OH SHIT! The cleaning supplies!!!  I totally FORGOT the cleaning supplies! I grabbed the next person  that I thought could help  and sent him  to  the room  for the supplies.  It wasn’t until  afterwards that I thought! OH SHIT I forgot the trash cans!!AAAAA!!!
Oh well- everyone stayed safe, everyone was wonderful. Some people even  had cleaning wipes on hand and took  care of their areas.  The play was so beautiful to watch. So many different types of play. There was flogging, rope, vampire gloves, dragon’s tail, and we even had a “little” show and do some coloring!

After the last AEL munch on knife play I have wanted to do some knife play!  It just so  happens I know  this amazing bottom who I will call Happy feet. 
I had her close her eyes and I played and played on her body, as she writhed and bucked. It was so amazing! It was so much fun! Afterwards we went and rested in aftercare, and I took the night in.
I had the chance to  talk with  so many wonderful people. To  get to know them a  little better,  to  see how when  asked people would  happily, willingly, beautifully and selflessly give parts of themselves up  to the cause.

At the end of the day the community raised 250.00$ for AEL Kinkskills, and another 1200.00$ for March of Dimes.
This community did that.

You did that.

The power of collaboration, being above board and inclusion did that.

The joy of seeing each other successful did that.

The coming together for something bigger than “us”  did that. 

There are few things greater than that.

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