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Friday, May 15, 2015

Hot Play, Bozo, and this community at its BEST.

The AEL play party in April was epic! I was not feeling well as I was  still recovering from my sinus and ear infections. The meds were kind of working, but not all of the way.  I was really struggling with not being nauseous and trying to be upbeat. 

I needed to go because I had a lot of the supplies for the party. Also because we  were moving the equipment out of the host house that night. I love helping out in that way. I know that when it comes to organizing stuff, it is the behind the scenes crew that can make and break a night. So I was happy to help. 

But 5 minutes before we left for the party I was still puking in the sink. The kitchen sink. My slave was not happy. 

Both because I was sick and still insistent on going and because- hey it was the kitchen sink.

But I was so glad that we went! That night it was announced that The Boobs for Bozo event by AMG was nominated for small event of the year at Pantheon. Huge. Huge. It was incredible to hear.
Later that night my slave was topping a hot redhead. It was hot to watch my slave top her. My slave had been prepping for her scene most of the day.  Throwing a few floggers, talking about biting, lipstick, and how she was going to make the bottom respond to her.  It was hot when she talked about it, but when she did it- WHEW! Mmmmmmmmmm...  Fantasy made LIVE!!!  IN MY PANTS!!!!!!

That night I was also honored to co top Happy Feet with another amazing Master. I had wanted to do that for a long time. To co top with this other Master who I have a deep connection with. IT was WILD! Beating and torturing the wild Happy Feet while she squirmed and moaned. IT was HOT HOT HOT! 

The other Master was using her belt; it was such a turn on!!! I used a metal flogger with chains for the falls, a cane, as well as a vampire claw. WOOF -- it was really erotic! My favorite part was when we talked about how serious leather was and then I blew a raspberry into Happy Feet’s boob. VERY SERIOUS! 

Afterwards we did some cool down and rested and I made my way into a play room. I got to watch some sensual play between two amazing people that make my heart beat a little faster every time I see them. It made me smile, made me relax, and made me enjoy and be grateful  for the night all that much more.

It wasn’t long before we had to organize for the leaving of the party. I went happy, delirious, and floaty.
We got to play and we go to help be a part of things going smoothly. It was perfect night.

Here is the submission for Pantheon.   I am so deeply honored. Even if we don’t win- the idea that someone sees what AMG is about and wants to honor that- Wow- I am just - Wow. . .

It is my honor to submit an event for the Small Event of the Year Pantheon of Leather Award. That event was “Boobies for Bozo” held September 27, 2014. It was a fundraiser that brought together many of the wildly diverse facets of the Albuquerque community to raise funds for cancer treatment for a former IMsL’s beloved dog (Lori “IMsL 2004” Ellison’s dog, Bozo). It was a joint venture of Albuquerque Master’s Group (AMG) and Alternative Erotic Lifestyles (AEL) and raised nearly $1,000 to cover veterinary bills. It was attended by about 60 people (many of whom were newcomers to the Albuquerque BDSM scene). It featured a sumptuous soul food dinner, a raffle, and a raucous play party. One of the highlights of the event was what has come to be known as the “Bozo style” raffle -- which allows people a chance to participate regardless of their means. The event was a tremendous success; its format becoming the framework for a subsequent fundraiser for March of Dimes (“Boobies for Babies” held this spring). Boobies for Bozo was notable not just for the money it raised, but for its relaxed atmosphere and the way it brought together so many of the facets of the diverse Albuquerque Community for a great, fun-filled evening.

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