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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Thinning of The Veil

Today is Halloween. I love this day. Tomorrow night we celebrate Sowen  with a ritual  in the mountains. This is a great time of reflection and giving of thanks.

For the last few weeks I have been telling people, with   much  delight and wonder how much our life has changed.

When  we lived in our old house I would say "when  things are better we can..."  fill in the blank here.

And now I look  at the blanks and they are all  getting filled.

Simple things that have a dramatic affect on our lives. A cell phone,  me being back  in  school, my slave going to  dance class  just to name a few.

When  I think about how this all of this movement started-  it started with  a book.

My slave left one of her books in  the bathroom  of the old house.

It was called VooDou  Visions,  and in one of my forced moments of sitting down (hahhahah) I picked it up and it fell  to  a page which  I skimmed over.

The next time I was in  there it was the same thing,  and by time three I started to notice a pattern.

Every time the book  opened it opened to  the same page- Maman  Brijit. 

So  I asked my slave who  is this and what does it mean?

 My slave knew Maman and explained her to  me. Maman is a Loa in VooDou-  kind of like a Saint is in  Christianity. (Very loosely here.)

And she was calling to me.

It was after I started communicating with  Maman Brijit things started to change and fast.

Within  months we were here-  our new place-  and I finally knew what all  of those religious folks had been  talking about all  those years.

It wasn't just that Maman had provided so much  for us, it was more then that.

It was a calling to  her. I felt safety with her, a deep  understanding that spiritually I am  not alone.

I keep  her alter by me at the table by the couch. I give thanks and deep  appreciation to  her for all  that I am  grateful  for. 

Tonight is about giving her my thanks, walking beside her, giving her my deep  appreciation of how far she has  taken  me, how much  she has held my hand, how much  she has given  me hope, and how much  we have yet to explore.

So  today I share  with  you a peice of myself in hopes that if you are searching for a voice that you will  one day find it, and that it brings you peace. 

For Maman With Deepest  Respect-

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