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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Before you continue reading- this was NOT vanilla consensual  and I know that-  it  borders on  sane.

The JW's have been  here three times.

The last time the JW's came to  the house I told the- remember this address-  AND do  not come back. So  When  the JW's knocked on  the door that leads right to  the Dungeon- I did what I have always wanted to  do.

So  I had to  run  off the crapper and put on a  robe and go  answer the door-  when I saw the JW's outside of the dungeon  door- I thought-  COME ON!!!

So  I opened the door and I said-  "OH no You DIDN'T-  But wait -  who are you?"  (After all  if they were selling cake.... it is after all  cake...)

They said we are JW's.  It was two  girls.

I said

"I have told you not to  come back  here. "

One of the girls sadi  "Was your house on  a list then?"

I said :

"Yes, but since you have knocked on the door to  my dungeon would you like to come in? I have a spanking bench  and a cross. This is where we throw  the BDSM and sex parties-  Would you like me coming to  your house?"

 They stood wide eyes not moving  and then  said  "NO!"

I said

"REALLY,  you DON'T want me coming to  your house?? Are you sure you dont want me coming to your house?  I can  get your address and then I can  invite you to  the BDSM and sex parties. IN FACT let me show you my toys."

I closed the door  (SO  that the cats would not get out)  and I grabbed a flogger. 

 When I returned they were running for the car.

I started throwing the flogger around and I yelled:

"OHH COME BACK!! Really you will be so  much  more relaxed!  This would be good for you!  Come on-  REALLY-  you  would be SO MUCH  MORE RELAXED."

They peeled out of our driveway so  fast -  there was a squealing of tires and dust.

It felt good-  it felt really good.

I have always wanted to  do  that.

I know it makes me a bad person.

I am  OK with  that.

In my defense I didn't even  grab the cat o' nine-  I grabbed a soft flogger-    Hum....  maybe they were into  canes......


  1. OMG! That is great !!! Your are so friggin hysterical! I love it!

  2. Than k you Top! It felt good! LOL!