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Friday, February 21, 2014

You only have once.... Make it count.

I have an amazing life.  I am surrounded  by  people and opportunities that push  me. That challenge me, that make me think and feel  and look at what and who  I am on the inside.

The other day I was talking with a friend-  someone very  different from  me - when just how much my life is filled with  amazing people hit me.

Here was someone who  had never really lived- they  had done everything that their family, then their marriage, and the church  had every told them to  do  to live a fulfilled life-  and they were now at a place where they were wondering what had happened to them. What had happened to their life?

They asked me what I had done last weekend.

I paused-  

Here is what I was honored to  be a part of:




My slave:


So  this one  is from  my slave and  I couldn't get to  rotate:)
I couldn't get this one to rotate either....

And then  after this amazing and freeing experience  I spent the afternoon with loved ones and we all  went to the Albuquerque Masters Group meeting.

The AMG was really interesting. I am  very proud that I have been  able to  cultivate an  area of candor and openess.
That is what I always wanted.
So many good questions  were asked to  the group, there was good debate. There were people saying-  I dont understnad.
that was hudge for me.
For Masters to  openly admit to  each  other -  I dont get this--- clarify it for me.
that was everything I ever wanted right there in  that meeting.

There where challenges at this meeting, as tere are at all  meetings.
But good ones, ones that make me grow, and ones that challenge where I stand as far as the groups integrity and intention.

The next meeting will be in  April.

So  I paused and I looked at this person  and I felt this overwhelming amount of gratefulness and gratitude for the opportunities in my life.

How lucky am I?

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