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Friday, January 31, 2014

A “Must Have” Experience

OK PERV! I know what you are thinking, the must have experience is sex, or play, being fisted by several  people at once, being double teamed and made to cum over and over.  Being in an orgasmic three some or being turned black and blue until your thighs are wet and you are dripping with pleasure. Beating someone until they cum, or until they beg to cum, or until they suck you off and you cum.

Well-  OK – those are must have experiences to-  but the experience that I am  talking about is being in Darla's drawing class at the new shop that she has opened in  partnership  with  Tease Leather.

Last week my amazing slave modeled nude for Darla's drawing class. I love being there when it happens, and seeing the artistic renditions of her body by the students, and how they interpret her, how they each individually represent her through their eyes.
It fascinates me.

This week I got an extra special treat and I picked up a pencil and paper myself at Darla’s urging.  I got to, for the first time ever, be a student of my slaves body.

It was an intense experience. Now- I am by no means an artist, - quite frankly I looked over at Peters drawing to cheat. But the experience of seeing my slaves body out there and taking a pencil and following her curves,  watching that part of her nose that makes her so  regal, the swell  of her breasts as they came out on  my paper, the playful  depth  of her eyes as I messed  those up  real  bad, the beautiful  sea of her hips, and how they  teased my hands with  their simple complexity.

If you haven't modeled- MODEL! If you haven’t drawn, DRAW! Darla creates a safe class and environment, it is very loving and open. She maintains the artistic integrity of her models and the experience.
Although- I will warn you- Darla has a no eraser policy- but she does guide you through it, gives you pointers about how to look at your lines, and reassures you that whatever you are going through is all part of the experience.

The classes are 5 $ per person, EVERY Sunday from 1-3PM.

So here for your delight are some of the amazing pieces of my slave that came from the class that took my breath away. Not just because I think that they are amazing, but because that experience of sensually drawing her body, will stay with me a long time.

"eve" by Peter .  Stunning, classic.


"eve"  by Me

Now the pieces de Resistance----    "eve" by Darla

Don't let this idea intimidate you. Have this be that experience that you can  look back  at your life and say -  "I did that. "

You  will never regeret this.

For more information and to  go  see Unseen  gallery :


and www.unseengallery.com

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