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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Omens

New Years Eve and ringing in the New Year are really big for us.  It has all sorts of omens as to what the New Year will bring. How you spend your time, who you spend it with, what you talk about, all of these things are signals as to what the next twelve months will hold.

 This year for New Years Eve we started off with  incredible, delectable sex. The kind of mind blowing sex that makes you blush  and giggle all day. The kind of sex that is as deeply orgasmic as it is loving and connecting. The kind of sex that makes you want to laugh, and cry, because you feel love and lust to your bones. It fulfills you as much  as it leaves you wanting more. Time stops and that moment is frozen  forever as a part of you. Always to  be with you.

Yea-  that kind of sex.

Then afterwards.......

We had dinner with some amazing friends and family. The conversation was wild. Their teen age son was there and - I am well- not skilled about being around kids. So that was hard and different- thank goodness he is such good kid! 

We laughed so hard, and I shoved my foot way deep down in my mouth so hard that it poked out my ass! Whew- it is rare that I really am that much of an ass in public- I wonder what they will mean for the New Year.

Then we crashed for a bit, and got up  and went to Denny’s at ten-ish to see if anyone was going to come to the open initiation to celebrate New Year’s. This year we did an open invite and I sent out a ton of personal invitations to see who would like to come to a cheap but open venue for the New Year. I received about 40 replies back.  Most people were going to  spend time elsewhere, so  I was pretty sure that it was going to  be me, my slave and the waiter ringing in the New year, which  I did not mind at all.

But it turns out that an amazing handful of people did come, and I loved their company and conversation. It took a while to gain some traction in the conversation, and for everybody to relax and open up, but when they did- it was real life. It was beautiful.

 So here is the weird thing. I don’t like kids as a rule, they make me very uncomfortable. I know that I don’t know anything about them, and generally parents are extremely distrustful of lesbians and children, especially girl children. So a wonderful friend showed up with her new baby and - ok this one got to me- this was one cute baby. So I took a chance, something that I have NEVER done before.  I really put myself out there to hold the baby and bounce the baby and entertain he baby. It was very very new to me- foreign- then I crossed all sorts of baby protocols that I had no idea existed.  

So for those of you who are never around babies- TAKE NOTES:

1) DO NOT stick your fingers in baby mouth.
2) NEVER FEED baby food or drink without asking the parent first.

Seems simple doesn’t it- like common sense? Yea- well- I was on a roll. The mother was very gentle with me, but I would have been PISSED!

So we all rang in the New Year, baby included, and then my slave and I went home and crashed. 

Good people, good food, a lot of love, a lot of laughter-

So what does 2014 hold for you?

(Posted with  Parental Permission.)

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