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Friday, April 18, 2014

I am Hungry....

I am hungry. I am hungry for sustenance as old as time and as new as you and me. I am hungry, ravenous for your body. I am salivating over your curves, your arms, your strong pulsating self.

 I close my eyes to rest and I am wide awake in seconds as my body responds to the last time that we were together. 

Memory after memory forcing my legs to  spread, my breath  to  catch, then my pussy  gets hard and wet and my mouth starts  to  moan as I say 

“yes yes yes”  out loud to  the memory of you.

I am hungry to ravish your body, to take you apart from the inside out, to make you speak only half tones with words lost on your lips----

 as I suck and stroke and pound you until you cum hard, long, and my thighs quiver at the power of your release. 

To cause you pain, then release, to  force you to  cum again  at my will, to  force you to  feel  my power as I make you be grateful at my hands, my mouth, my toys----    

as I  force you to  cum  when you don’t want to, you don’t think you can, but you do. And your long loud cum grunt fills my ears and makes me wet all over again.

 I am hungry to fuck you and be fucked to the point of exhaustion, to the point of sweaty sheets that will not dry, to the point of barely conscious.

I am hungry.