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Friday, December 19, 2014

Trained? BULLSHIT.

OK- I wasn’t going to say anything, but the more I thought about it the more I got really pissed. I don’t know why I am pissed about this, it is stupid and silly and pointless but here goes. Last week I was approached by a slave- nothing new there. 

She had supposedly been “trained”, ok fine, worthless, but fine. When she wrote it was in text shorthand to the point where I could not understand her.  So I said “if you are going to talk to me, please do so in complete sentences with punctuation”.  

Now I know that my grammar, punctuation, syntax, and tenses need A LOT of work. I am not that blind. But dammit I can complete a sentence and put a period on the end of it before I start the next one. 

When she attempted full sentences I gave her some lee way despite the lack of punctuation because she was trying. Then I asked her “What did you learn about yourself during your training?”

Her response, no shit here, direct quote “i learn being submissive”   then “submissive to anyone that got me as slave”.  

No shit. Direct quote.

So at that point gave up and I asked again “do you know how to write in complete sentences with punctuation?”   
When she said yes, I thought “OK that is a starting point. Let’s try again.”  So I said “OK good then do so.”

Not only was she unable to write in complete sentences with any form of punctuation, she had absolutely no sense of insight or self. As the short conversation went on her ability to write would degenerate back to texting form.

Finally I just got pissed and wrote her off.
A little later I came back, I couldn’t help myself, and I said “I am curious- where you unable to answer the question or unable to write in complete sentences?”

No surprise that she never did answer…

What has me pissed about this is that someone “trained her”. Trained her for what?  To fuck, give blow jobs, and take a whip? To put up titty and pussy pics? That isn’t being trained, that is being used.

Where in her training was she prepared for the BDSM world? Where was she taught how to communicate, how to represent herself, how to bring something to the table. Instead here she is thinking that her training has prepared for what BDSM has to offer. 

Instead of insight she is doing daily kneeling exercises. Instead of learning how to follow simple requests like using complete sentences and punctuation, she learned how to spread eagle and pinch her nipples for the camera.

It made my stomach turn.

The worst part is that I know that there are Masters out there who would love to get their hands on her, to exploit her stupidity for their own means and gains. I would venture to guess that is exactly what her “training” consisted of.

I know that this happens; I know that there are many out there who claim to train so that they can get a piece of ass. But having that short conversation where I was dealing with the reality of that outcome made me nauseous.

It was disheartening. 

What could she have been? Did she have talents? Thoughts? Abilities? 

The sad thing is more than me not knowing, she probably doesn’t know.

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