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Friday, December 5, 2014

I want I want I want!!!!!

Finals are over. I have spent the past year pent up.

I want to play until my arms fall off.

 I want to  fuck until  my fingers and face are numb and the vibrator short circuits the house.

 I want to be fucked until  my pussy is swollen  and raw.

I want to have threesomes for hours.

I want to  go  out in  the afternoon and work  in the pasture until it is dark.

I want to put up the round pen  and start Rainey on her new path.

I want to  brush  Pokey’s mane until  he gets annoyed and poops at me.

I want to  go  to play parties.

I want to go  to munches.

I want to  light fire, drink  apple cider and make fun  of the acting in a B movie.

I want to celebrate all I can  until January when it all  starts again.

I want to  get started RIGHT NOW!

Right after I nap.....


  1. I needed this laugh today. Enjoy your break! xo

  2. Yippie for you being done with it all. Until January that is.

    All the things on your shortened and revised bucket list are do-able. And have fun doing it all....

    after the nap.

    hugs and mucho love to you.


  3. So far I am making amazing headway!!! HEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!

  4. ....and nap lasted for two weeks!