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Thursday, April 23, 2015


This week is Spring Pan. I am so wildly excited. Thanks to a sponsor we got a hotel room!  We are so blessed!  Thank you “D”!!! 

I will be at Exploratorium Friday night. I will be doing flogging- my favorite type of play. Then  on Saturday my  slave and  I  will be vending and then  I teach a hands on  flogging class from  3 -  4:15. 

Still  looking for a demo bottom  btw!!!!

This is a big deal for us. First, it is our first time vending, first time putting ourselves out there in that way. My slave puts her heart into  her works. she studies every day.  she reads,  talks with  more experienced people, and does research  every day. It is amazing to see her heart  and dedication in  this.

It is also the first time that my book will be available. According to the shipping records the books will be in on Friday. We only had enough money to buy 10, but that is OK. This is a life dream coming true, and I can’t get over the fact that it is happening. “M/s for the rest of U/s” was something that I never thought would happen. 

I wrote it. I even paid an editor to  complete it.  But when life got so bad I had to abandon the project. I just couldn’t think about getting a book out there when we had no water or heat. So a few months ago when the four of us (we call ourselves the 4 horses of the apocalypse - I am Famine. Ha ha) got together and they started pushing me for the book. So  I thought “Well --OK well- here goes.” 

 They agreed to  help  get it edited, and before I knew it I was published through Lulu. All  in time for Spring Pan.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was in my teens. I have wanted this for a very long time.

I can’t believe it is here. I never thought it would ever really happen. 

On top of it all of that it is our foray into this part of the community again in a big way. We have stayed out of some of the events for a bit. We were healing, coming to terms with life changing, trying to get everything under control. It was all so overwhelming. But now we are in a place that is really good. We are in a place that gets to  give back  and come from safety. We are coming from a place where it is time to get back into the world. And I love that.

So it is fun, exciting and very scary in a lot of ways. Being back – and having this community change and grow so fast --as it does.

So here are some pics of the vending that we will be doing.

It is like this starts something new for us in so many ways. But I feel ready. I feel prepared. 

They say that there is no such thing as real altruism. I think that for me anyway- that is true. I love to give back because it makes me feel like I matter.  Like I can have a place.  Wow – that got a lot deeper then I intended. 

So  enjoy Spring Pan everyone!

PLAY !!!! FUCK!!!!  CUM!!!!!

Goddess  lotion bars :   clary sage,  roman camomile,  and tart apple
 Heart massage bars:

Ylang - Ylang, palnarosa, yuzu, and sandalwood

 chocolate bath  truffles:

make the water feel  like silk:

coco butter, vanilla bourbon,
 bath  bombs: white:   lavender,  and crisp cotton
 bath  bombs : purple and yellow:

yuzu, lime, red grapefruit, lavender, star of Bethlehem flower, butterfly pea flowers
 Bear claw emulsified sugar scrubs:

cardamom,  vanilla burbon, hemp , almond oil

 Sleepy time lotion bars:

Douglas fir, lavender,  rosemary

 Rose dream   bath  fizzies!

Rose petals,  rose water,  geriaumin  rose oil,
palmarosa, YlangYlang, rose wood,  and Sacred  Datura  flower essence.

AND my first published book, second written  one will  also  be for sale at PAN! (This is a pic of the cover art-  the books arrive on Friday!) 

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