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Friday, April 3, 2015


I love and support my slave, and when she was accepted as a vendor at Spring Pan I was so proud and excited for her! For the last few weeks it has been a process of ordering and receiving so many things and me having no idea what they are. I just know that they excite her.

When she orders them, she tracks them, and updates me on their progress. When they arrive she will unwrap them slowly and excitedly. Then she will talk about what they are and what they do and how she is thinking about using them.

For Spring Pan she is working on bath bombs in all sorts of different colors, scents, and shapes.  Body lotions that she calls body butters, and other assorted things as her interest and excitement raises. I am so deeply proud of her. She is on fire with her experimenting and creating and I am thrilled that she has found something that pushes her I so many different ways. 

So the other day I was really struggling with going to work. It has been really hard on my mind, and she offered to make me a bath with one of her new bath bombs. I loved the idea!

I love her baths they calm and relax me.  They help me through hard times and after she had the new shower installed I haven’t been taking them.

So  I got ready for my bath  and I saw the two  bath  bombs that she had but in  the tub for me. The one was foaming and swirling in the water creating waves as it bubbled from one place in the tub to the other. The second one foamed and bubbled until it was covered in its own bubble cloud and the water had turned a deep ocean blue. The scent was immediately relaxing and as I sank into the tub I closed my eyes and enjoyed the silky feel of the water. It was just what I needed.

 About half way through my bath I was washing off and that is when I noticed the glitter. I hadn’t seen it before, but I did now. It was all over my skin, in my braid, and in all my crevices. 

There was no time to shower the glitter off before work, so I dried off, got dressed and went into work as is, glitter and all.

When I got to work I noticed a few stares. About two hours into my shift one of my crew came over and said hesitantly “umm, is that glitter?” I knew that it was coming so I said “Yes, and I love my wife.” 

A few minutes later someone else came up and asked the same question. I just giggled and said “yes and I love my wife.” It wasn’t long before my entire crew was bursting out laughing and before long I had been   re- named. 

I was now- Wait for it-drum roll please- “Glitterati Sparkles”. With appropriate jazz hands. 

I laughed so  hard that I couldn’t stop., They were deeply enjoying the idea that me- in  all  my masculine  gender bending glory was covered in  glitter from head to  toe. The rest of the night everyone could tell where I was going, and where I had been – I had trail.
People couldn’t pass without a giggle and I joined in. At one point the name “Glitterati Sparkles” was put on my name badge and I claimed it!  

It was a lot of fun. And then we had a code. The code team came. It wasn’t my regular team, so some of them knew me - but only by sight, and others didn’t know me at all.  As we worked through the code I saw the looks as people would take in my glittery sparkly self and new name, and then quickly look away, avoiding eye contact. 

And so Glitterati Sparkles was born.


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