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Friday, March 27, 2015

Holy cow. Is this really my life? Or am I dreaming?

There are weeks that take everything from you and weeks that give everything back. This week gave me everything and more. 

Saturday night we went to an epic party and I got to watch my slave perform.  I love watching her perform, I cried like a baby. she had chosen two pieces that were perfect for the event and she was so spot on! I was and still am so deeply proud. AND OF COURSE- I didn't get ONE PICTURE!  UGG! 

Then I got to   I play with a gorgeous beauty.  Since I didn't have any toys I used a plastic fork. It was intense, amazing, and dizzying. She was intoxicating, and I loved every minute of teasing her. 

That night I also met one of the presenters for Spring Pan and he agreed to collaborate with one of the presenters that we have for the April 11th event!  WHAT!!! I was blown away by his generosity.  Cross collaboration is just not something that we do  a lot here, so  him being so  willing to  do this warmed my heart and gave me the biggest smile! 

Sunday I crashed and Monday was AEL. Before the AEL speaker began, multiple people came up to me and offered items for the raffle for the event on the 11th. I was so blown  away by what people were willing to  offer up to  support the event! Vintage art, a leather vest, paddles, scarves,  jewelry, a package of whips, and SO MUCH MORE!  

On top of that people brought items for me that night!  It seemed like every time I turned around there was another amazing offer of generosity,  another offer from  someone who  had very obviously put their time, thought, and effort into  what they were giving.
There were so many people that came through and put themselves out there that I was almost in  tears.

Besides the Spring Pan package so generously donated, there was also a bad ass face mask- you have to see the thing- it is AWESOME! I WANT IT!!!!

An amazingly beautiful collection of knives, candles, and vases! 

 And a full violet wand set ( I still can’t believe that) all donated that night. 

I was so deeply touched by the generosity of everyone there. It was overwhelming- it still is.

The topic that night was knife play it was really well done and I learned a lot. So many mistakes I have made!!!  

In fact EVERY mistake she mentioned was one that I have made!  I laughed so much and that  I even told the presenter “If I had this class ten years ago, I could have saved A LOT on knives!!!” 

The rest of the week was just as intense. 

My book is done. Yep, it is ready to go. It is being formatted and I got to see the cover art. I had an all day conservation with my editor- who is AMAZING. She has taken care of everything, she has anticipated my needs, done all of the foot work, worked with me and been beside me every step of the way. She has held my hand when I was to frozen or scared to move forward, and sent me loving reassurance when the whole thing sent me over the edge in levels of “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT this cant be happening!!! WHAT AM I DOING??????!!! ACKACKACAKCAKCK!!!”.

 It came to me that day- this book had waited for her.  It had waited for her hands, her thoughts, and her imprint on it before it would become alive. The book knew what it was waiting for, even if I didn’t. 

Then something happened, something that as I write this I can feel myself going under, feel myself being immersed into the intensity of it all. Have you ever had one of those conversations with your love where you find out so much about them, where what they share takes the deepest part of their trust, that you can feel the effort of them talking?  That you can feel that the part of themselves that they are allowing you to be a part of is so deep, so intimate, that the moment in time will remain forever in your mind and heart?  

Yes.  I got to have one of those, and I can  only say- My love-  thank  you for trusting me, for opening up to me, for sharing with  me your heart.  I didn't think that it was possible for me to  love you more, and yet here we are …..

After all of this, I just happened to open  a letter- it was a check. A check that would allow me to start printing the book this Saturday, instead of having to wait for my next paycheck.  I was and still am overwhelmed with emotion. 

At that point could not believe the last week. I could barely believe all of this had happened. The event is booking quickly and wonderfully- my book will be in print quicker than I ever thought possible, and forever I will have in my heart and mind that day.  

Holy cow.  Is this really my life? Or am I dreaming?

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