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Friday, March 20, 2015

Workshops/Play party/Raffle and MORE SAVE THE DATE!!!!

So the last few weeks have been rough. However the AMG is doing an event in cooperation with AEL on April the 11th.  Finally I have something to get my blood boiling. A fund raiser for an awesome cause, a collaboration effort that involves different parts of the community!!!! Are you kidding me!!!   

We have four amazing workshops lined up:

From 5: 30 PM to 6:30 PM we are going to do concurrently:   

1)   rough body play for beginners: by the AMAZING duo of Lori Roughhouse.  Mmmmm- the last time  I took this class I walked away dripping wet for days. It added a whole new dimension to our play. Lori and Roughhouse both  have decades of experience and they are a team  of  Badass!!! The BEST part is that Spring Pan is doing an intermediate rough body play class- so if you are new and want to get your hands dirty this is an excellent precursor to that class!!!!  This is a hands on class!  Just bring your hands and your bottom! 

2)      oral sex on the lady parts: by the AMAZING slave eve.  This is for any gendered person that is looking to learn how to do oral sex on a woman.  Slave eve will cover getting over your fear, techniques aimed to please, how to handle difficult situations, body size differences, and much more.  This is not a HANDS on class, but it is a TOUNGES on class and every participant will be using fruit to really enjoy this topic the way it should be!  

From 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM we are going to do concurrently:

3)      needle play: by the AMAZING Jamie who has decades of experience!  She will be going over how to test the bottom for safety- how to insert, how to withdraw, what to use, what to do and what not to do! This is a hands on class, all equipment is provided. When I approached her about doing this class she was so excited and the more we talked the more that I realized how much I didn’t know about needle play and what her decades of experience will bring. I am so excited!!!!

4)      chest/breast bondage:  by the AMAZING WhipDaddy. I have seen him teach this class before and it is really something. No matter what size breasts or chest you have, no matter your gender, WhipDaddy is able to teach you how to tie it up and make it look tantalizing!  The added bonus is that he can  teach  at all  levels, so if your bottom is any gender, if the Top  has any experience level-  you can  go  to  the next step  with  this class!!  This is a hands on class- bring your own bottom and rope! 

Afterwards there will be a play party/raffle/fundraiser with all proceeds doing to the March of Dimes!

If you are going to the workshops and the play party it is 10$ per person.

Only coming to the play party? 10$ per person.

Only coming to  the workshops? 5$ per person.

For those attending the play party please bring a dish  to  share!  

(NO  pretzels, chips, or cookies please. Drinks will be provided. No  alcohol  allowed.)

AND AND AND here is the OTHER BEST PART!   Over the next two weeks I will be working on the raffle prizes. EVERYONE that shows get a chance to win!!!  Just a sneak peak: there is a super special raffle prize donated by the organizers of Spring Pan:  




If you have something that you would like to donate please contact me here at: bigdykebear@yahoo.com on fetlife : Master_ _Bear. 




If you can’t afford the event or the raffle contact  me at bigdykebear@yahoo.com or on Fetlife at Master_ _ Bear and the AMG can grant you a scholarship! EVERYONE deserves to come!  And the AMG  can make that happen!



(All of the proceeds from the workshops to go to supporting AEL Kinkskills! All of the proceeds for the raffle, and play party go directly to the March of Dimes! ) This is a Kinks that Care and Albuquerque Masters Group collaboration. Kinks that Care is a part of AEL that does fundraisers for different  projects several times a year.  


 (The March of Dimes Mission statement:  We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies. http://www.marchofdimes.org)



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