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Friday, August 14, 2015

slave positions

As a rule I don’t belong to many list serves. I get bored and they clog up my inbox.  But about a month or so ago I put myself on the list serve sent out by lunakm who runs “the submissive guide”. It is free to join and she does a lot of really interesting topics. (She also runs the “Dominant Guide” which I also subscribed too and it is just as good.)  What I really appreciate about her is her openness. The articles are through, based in safety, balanced, and insightful.

I highly encourage everyone to take a look  at her stuff, you can  find it here:   


 I recently ordered a PDF file on slave positions that was for sale through her site.

The PDF was really interesting. She said up front that it was not Gorean, and on the back page she had some good references for more information, including some you tube videos suggestions. So I popped onto you tube to look at videos of slave positions. 

What I found is that where slave positions get difficult is the emphasis on kneeing, and the overall Pilates/Yoga/ Cirque du Soleil routine that the majority of slave positions seem to be based in. The ones that I found that are the most through and easy to follow for a beginner such as myself were impressive. I do mean DAMN IMPRESSIVE. I give these women all the props in the world!  But they are unrealistic for a good 90 percent (that is my assumption) of people that are interested in adding slave positions to their daily life of submission.

So take a look at what I found.
I mean that is gorgeous, fluid and beautiful to watch. It is also fairly unattainable for those that of us that are of size, older, have an injury or disability.

This next one is also really beautiful. Again fluid, easy on the eyes, but not exactly obtainable.

I liked this one.

But it didn’t go into what each position means to the people in their Power Exchange. 

I am not Gorean, but I do enjoy hearing about their ritualistic aspects of their service, and I don’t see a lot of slave positions that are not somehow based in Gor. 

So that being said, my slave and I are trying things that are reasonable for us, our bodies, and our hearts.

At the last play party we attended I instructed my slave into a slave position which I modified for her and me. It was really hot. I had a really great time, and my slave found that she truly enjoyed it as well. It actually hit my crotch a lot harder then I had thought it would. And I am looking forward to expanding on what we are starting. 

Because so far my Crotch is all for it…….


  1. I struggle with this as well... there are positions I learned early in my training that were doable and apparently pleasing to see... but a car accident, reconstructive spinal surgery, and a few years later... they are neither. I miss the sense of giving of myself, of being pleasing to the eye, of presenting myself as available for the pleasure of another. I wish you luck in finding more forms that work for you. :)

  2. Hello! Thank you for writing this! But always remember we think you are ABSOLUTE EYE CANDY!!!!