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Friday, November 27, 2015

LIfe with Moishe

About two months ago I went out to feed the horses and I find a bony hair covered thing that turned out to be a puppy tearing up our trash, desperately searching for something to eat. I don’t move towards him, but I called to him to see what would happen. 

At first he gave a little puppy bark, and then he came right over all tail and tongue. I picked him up, he was starving. Then I took him inside and presented him to my slave. I guess we had been adopted. 

 Three days later I took him to our amazing and stunning vet. She assessed him, gave him shots and then checked him for a chip. My heart literally hit the floor when we found that he was chipped.  

 It had been three days of rearranging our lives, but something about him, and the bond had already began to take hold. She called the chip company, the pup was unnamed but the owner had a name, and a phone number. They called him; he refused to relinquish the pup. I even talked to him. His disinterest and irritation came clear across the lines, but he wanted the pup back. He sounded high  as a kite.

So with a heavy heart I welled up in tears and turned the pup over to the vet so that the other owner could come and get him. I left confused, hurt, and full of emotion that I didn’t understand. Five hours later I get a call for my amazing and stunning vet and she explained that the family had not come to claim him. She contacted animal control about the pup’s condition and that he was still there if I still wanted him. 

Only one caveat- the family had up to two weeks to go through animal control and get him back. So I had a choice. 

One- I could take him home and wait for the call from animal control.

Or two I could turn him over to the pound and be the first contacted if he wasn’t claimed. 

I was torn.

It just so happens that I was having lunch with my leather family when this call came through. I asked them what they would do. They didn’t even pause, take him home and give him a good start. The pound is a miserable place for pups, so even if I lose him I will know that I did everything I could.

I took their advice. I went right to the stunning and amazing vets office and got his wiggly, skinny, hairy tail and tongue. The vet did leave me with one thing that helped a lot. She had notified animal control about the condition of the pup, and it just so happens that the chip information stated that the owner lived in Albuquerque.  So  the animal  control officer said that there would have to  be a really good reason  why a 4 month  old puppy got two  cities away from  home.    

So we waited. It was rough at first, but over time things got easier. We fell into a routine and before I knew it I called the animal control officer, and he relinquished the puppy to me. 

So  I excitedly called the chip  company where I was informed by them that they would not turn  the chip  over into  my name until THEY had attempted to  contact the owner,  and I had to  wait another  30 days. I tried to explain that this was a case where the puppy had already been handed over by animal control but they did not budge. It was policy.  

 Again I called animal control and he asked me what my expenses were. I said  about 100$ or so. And he said that he could contact the owner and let him know that to reclaim the pup I would need to be reimbursed. Sounds like a good plan.

So the previous owner never did respond. And 30 days passed, and when  I called the chip company the pup had been turned over in our names. It was official, he was ours. 

I have waited all this time to get him a collar. Well- not true, he had one and he chewed it off.  

So now I get him his officially collar tags and all. 

What has touched my deeply is that we go  walking, him and I. And I had no idea big that hole in my heart was until this. I still miss my Bo. But I talk to Moishe about him. 

And on some days, I think he is right there with us- walking along. 

(So  oddly enough-  Moishe is a relly good puppy.  The one time that we left him  alone as a trial  run well.... see for yourself)

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