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Friday, December 18, 2015

Remove the stick from thine Ass

This is to  all  the stuffy Domes/Dommes, Tops,  Daddys, Masters and in general "D" types to  remove the stick  from  your ass and remember that  this-  your dynamic- is also  is about life. 

So  it all  started a few years ago. W/we had gone to  McCall's pumpkin patch and she saw this hat.  she demanded that we get this hat for me. As soon as I put it on  I knew that I was hooked and many hats have come since. So  here is my hat collection. It that helps me remember that as much as I am  a Master, I am  a person. And how lucky am I that I have a slave that sees ALL of me.  

The "crazy monkey " hat that started it all, neighbors stay away from  me when I wear this hat

"Skunky" I have to  be in just the right mood for this hat

"Turkey shits out head" hat.  when I don't need to  cover my ears                                                              

My "Wolf" hat,  the only one with "dignity"

"Froggy"  the latest of my acquisitions! 

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