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Friday, February 19, 2016

Those are the actions of a coward.

Empowered slaves make better, more skilled Masters.  

I am in absolute opposition to the idea that a Master becomes empowered by belittling, destroying, or breaking down the slave. I feel that those are the actions of a coward.  

And don't give me that tired line about how a slave needs to be “taught their place" or "learn respect" that is horse shit.

If you are too incompetent to lead, do us all a favor and stay home.

WE are all adults here, and a Master that needs to destroy a slave to “rebuild them” is only using another person’s body and psyche to act out their own insecurities.

I love my slave strong, empowered, a force to be reckoned with, and capable. These qualities in no way take away from her service, identity, or ability to submit.

My slave’s abilities force me to be stronger, better, and more adept in my ownership of her. 

And even then- as a Master I do not believe that I have to be smarter or somehow more than my slave. That is another fallacy that incompetent, emotionally insecure Masters put out there. I am not less of a Master because she has skills, talents, and abilities that I don't. I am not less of a Master because my slave is more capable in some areas of life then I am. And I refuse to allow my identity of Master diminish her light. 

Those are the actions of a coward.

Those are actions that I see Masters and Dominants do over and over.  The only way that they feel empowered is at the expense of their "s" type. 
So these amazing "s" types - beautiful, brilliant, talented, skilled, and driven become these shells because they are lead to believe that their prowess in life takes away from who they serve.

The "s" types downplay their intelligence, accomplishments, and desires because who they serve have egos that view those strengths as a threat to their sense of self and their Mastery. 
Again the actions of a coward. 

I love showcasing my slave, I love bragging about her. 
I am a better person because of what she pushes herself to accomplish.




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