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Friday, May 27, 2016

Not today Mr. Lennon!!

The last few weeks have been a fury of BDSM activity at the Casa De Oso. A few weeks back we had a fundraiser at our place, the classes were so good! Fire play, Wax, littles, and   how to read your scene. The party was hot; I was pumped and so happy to once again be hosting an event. I just couldn’t stop smiling.  There are some people that when I watch them play I feel so much joy!  The next week was the Daddies event, a fundraiser for Casa Q. eve was ON FIRE!  We got to have a late dinner with the man who is Walking Leather History. There were some phenomenal Wet Munches in between here and there. I taught at Self Serve.  Last week we hosted for AEL and Monday night I went to the power munch. I love listening about leather families. 

How amazing my life has become.

It was a big difference for us between organizing an event/fundraiser and having AEL handle the whole night.  At one point my slave and I looked at each other and said to each other “we don’t have to do shit! IT’S GREAT!!!”

In comparison to running our event where we are getting teachers, arranging times, and working on the raffle. Having AEL come in  and handle everything was sooo sweet- like buttuh… 

At one point Whip  Daddy came to us and said “you  know you guys can play. The family has got this.” At that point my heart just melted. I have wanted to play with my slave in public for a while.  But there just hasn’t been time, or energy, or lack of pain  after doing a bunch  of stuff,  like vending,  or teaching. I have wanted to and wanted to but something has truly gotten  in the way every time. 

Last time we were set for some hanky panky the toilet exploded- LITERALLY. Let me tell you, after de clogging the septic tank, it is HARD to get back in the mood. (Thank you tons J.)
Or the dog has gotten into the neighbors yard, or the new horse has made a go at the fence line, or I need to  get hay,  or the daily needs have piled up and have to get done. 

We have this amazing equipment and space and more toys then I ever thought that I could have. And the one thing that is slowly slipping through my hands is time.  

I am teaching a class next week for self serve - a sensation play class on the 1st. I can’t wait for my slave to be in there with me.  So that I have the ability to slow down and take time with her, like I love to do.

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." - John Lennon

So this weekend- I want it to be the other way around Mr. Lennon. I have no intention of making any plans so that I can have life happen.

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