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Friday, September 9, 2016

my dream workshop

If I had the opportunity to run my dream workshop.

It would be an M/s weekend.  It would include separate space for Masters and slave with the focus on 24/7 long term relationships.  It would be open to D/s types as well and/or people interested in starting to transition to an M/s house. It would be free or 5$ per person. Open on Friday morning with classes. It would not be “talk at you” classes, it would require people writing in notebooks, thinking, and defining things for themselves. There would be a potluck component and end with a BBQ/ play party on Saturday night. 
8- 9:30: getting the basics down   for 24/7,  long term
How to organize your needs, defining your desires, time management.  With an emphasis on self-discovery and insight. 

Break from 9:30 until 10

10- 11:30:  Taking apart pre conceived constructions of Mastery
Redefining Mastery for the individual. Looking at how social pressure and stereotypes influence us as Masters. Asking the tough questions of “how do we define Mastery within ourselves and our relationships outside of social expectation?”

Lunch from 11:30 until 1:30

1:30- 3: How to train a slave.
How to define your needs and defining the steps to get those needs filled. It would include what to do with failure, understanding manipulation, and how to recognize when it is no longer healthy for the Master. 

 Break until 3:30

3:30- 5: Creating dialogue.
Bringing the Masters and slaves together. It would involve exercises like- they all get asked a question and answer it in their notebooks.  Then choose whether or not to share it with each other. The emphasis would be creating a dialogue on expectations, fears, failures, and understanding.
It would ask the tough questions like “I don’t understand it when you…” and “I expect …”

End at 5


9:00- 11:00: Practice training
The Masters and slaves would come together and they would practice applying the training that was discussed the previous day.  Going through all of the steps with a new skill. 

Break from 11:00- 11:30

11:30- 1:00 Setting up a House
Going through a calendar, looking at daily expectations, and creating a vison for the future of the self and the relationship.

Lunch 1- 3
3:00- 5:00 Discipline
What is it, what does it mean? What is effective and what happens when it fails. 

End at 5

Group dinner at 5:30 and then a play party.

The “s” types would also have classes.  I would get with my slave to see what things would be helpful in dealing with the big issues that weight on “s” types.  And yet allows the groups to come together from time to time.

That would be my dream workshop to run.
At the end there would be no graduates, caps, or patches given out. Just ideas, confidence, and hopefully friendships. 

Huh, cool.