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Friday, January 13, 2017

one of those moments

Last Tuesday I had one of those moments, one of those life changing moments.  I have been waiting for that moment for years. I was having dinner with whom I affectionately call “War” and the two amazing Corazon 2016 titleholders.  We were hashing out the plans for a fundraiser coming up on February 11th

It was a deep joy to sit back and watch them. As questions were asked they would discuss, contact people on their phones, and voice their opinions and needs candidly.  I am  used to  running stuff by myself so I am  not  really good at  collaboration, as War  has the unfortunate job of reminding me.  So really taking in what they have to say, trying to not just listen, but truly hear them, was my goal.

I loved that they all run in different crowds, their contact lists were different than mine. I have my go to's and my stand by's, and they did to. The ideas, the questions, the challenges all reflected how deeply vested they were in this community.  Not just representing it but raising it up.  I challenged them  by asking for new people,  who  haven’t they seen  perform ,  or do much  publically , that would be fun to  see?  

 I got silence, but that was OK. It was the start of thinking about the future.

Thinking of looking at those around them as the next wave of who can organize, perform, and teach.  I will push them more on that in the future.  To find and believe in the corners, push those people into the light, and watch them shine..  

At the end of the night, we all expressed how incredibly excited we all are, and then as we all stood up to walk out, it happened.  

The two young full of energy beauties started out first. As my achy, rickety ass and War followed behind them.  I was trying to walk without tipping over and keep my dignity when War elbowed me. She nodded forward and said “look.” I looked up and in front of me there they were. 

The two titleholders walking side by side.  It was that moment that I saw the future of this community right before my eyes. And it was glorious. 
I felt such a deep swell of pride and contentment.  

We, us, all of us, we are going to be just fine. 

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