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Friday, June 22, 2012

Dont have a partner, dont want to go to a play party?

So I don’t understand something. I have actually heard this a lot- the comment of- I don’t want to go to a play party because I don’t have anyone to play with.  Isn’t that kind of like I don’t want to go to McDonalds because I don’t have a hamburger?  Or I don’t want to go to the beach because I don’t already have sunburn?  Or I don’t want to read that book because I don’t know the ending?

 Isn't this putting the cart before the horse or something like that?

 I have an idea, why don’t you go to a play party and see who else goes? I mean inst a person more likely to find what they are looking for if they go to a place where that thing might be?  You don’t go looking for a new car at Wal-Mart- at least not yet anyway.

And play and play partners are the same thing.

 Of course I realize that I am a little cocky, well a lot cocky, and very blessed that I have my slave in my life. So I can’t say much about what it must be like in the dating pool out there. Or how it would feel to go to a lot of events and come away without playing but getting to sit by while others do.  I would think that that would suck. A lot.  And after a time it would get tiring, and going to events would feel pointless. 

But isolating yourself from what you want isn’t the answer either.
You aren’t going to find a play partner by not going anywhere or doing anything. Get out there, talk and meet people, and maybe learn the art of conversation while you are at it. If going to events were people are actively playing is too hard because it really hits you emotionally try going to events were play isn’t going to happen, but people will be in the lifestyle.   

That takes the pressure off.

You know what also helps- masturbate before you go out. No, really I am serious here, a relaxed person is much easier to meet and talk with then a tense one, and masturbation will take the edge off. 

If you want to talk to someone, but don’t know how to start he conversation here is a tip- walk up to someone, and compliment them on something, it doesn’t matter what- their clothing, their car,  whatever.  After you compliment them then  ask them a question about that thing, and actually listen to the answer…  and  take it form there.

The simple truth is that although my slave and I have an amazing, life, that is full of love laughter, orgasms and play, all of this started because she walked over to me and said “hi my name is eve” , and I said “you are the most beautiful woman in this bar.”  All of this was because she had the guts to come over and say hi.

It was as simple as that.  And yet not as simple. Take a breath, give yourself a break and get out there.

I look forward to meeting you!!!

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