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Friday, June 15, 2012


Who do you think that you are playing with?  What is wrong with you?  Can you not feel my power over you front gate?  What makes you think that I am playing here?  I have all power over you!  And yet you still think that breaking after I fix you is funny? Do  you laugh when you sag, or when you fall over, or when you pull yourself off of your hinges?

 I will dominate you and your rusty hinges!  I will make you feel my power    despite your low hanging front end!  You and I front gate have been at war for the least four years.  You may think that you have won by this last attempt at coming off your hinges!  But no!  

Know this front gate—when I am done with you you will obey my every command!
You will open and close at my WHIM!  You will remain shut and not poke people non consensually with your wires! You will keep your splinters and your comments to yourself!  You will be my bitch front gate!

 Make no mistake here that my sheer power and my electric screwdriver will wield you into obedience!
You will tremble at my appearance; you will shrink in fear as I approach you!

 You will remain naked and you will do my bidding , and when I lend you out to others that will use you as they see fit you will open and close without trying to throw yourself on the ground, you will  not complain, you will  silently comply and make people feel good about using you!

 So do not think for one moment front gate that I have given up on your training!  As soon as daylight hits you and I will go another round!
I will dominate you like no other and in the end you will give me exactly what I want!
So be aware!  Tonight I rest, tonight I eat cake, and tonight I charge my eclectic screwdriver!  And tomorrow, tomorrow when I come out that front door you will know that your will and not your hinges are to be broken.

(Just a side not here:  just in case -- and I am just trying to cover my bases- that this does not go well… umm….. does anyone know a handy person?)

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