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Friday, March 28, 2014

Wild Ride- make sure to wipe your butt.......

The last two  weeks have been  a wild ride.  I was lucky enough  to  teach the BDSM 101 class at Self Serve. It was a blast!  Each  couple and single had their own energy and dynamic. Some went home horny, others went home to  argue. Some went home informed and excited, others went home with a little more information and that all  important question- 

"Is this really for me?"

I knew that the class was going well when  I told the attendees that it was time to end their practice time so  we could share our experiences  and everyone stared daggers at me!  People were so PISSED that they had to  stop all the fun they were having! 

That made me laugh.

Next up  was the meeting of the Albuquerque Masters Group, the AMG. This meeting was for both the "M" and the "s" types. It was really well  attended, and the discussion  was lively and honest. 
At one point, I would like to say, it got a little raw for me as my slave openly talked about what I am  like when I am  angry.
Although I understood intelletcully the need for the information  to  be out there-  it was rough  hearing it from  her end.

 Another part that sticks in  my mind was  when I the group  asked about dealing with  anger and the concepts of being the Master over yourself.

My slave answered that one in a way that I had never  considered before. she said that when  the concept of Masters having Mastery  over themselves  started circulating, it had a tremendous affect on the slave community because it meant  that the slave wasn't responsible for everything that went wrong in the relationship.  This finally introduced the concepts such as  if the Master was noncompliant medically,  it was because they were not Mastering themselves, which was a refreshing from the assumption  that this was a failure on the slaves part.

This was a huge revelation for me.

It was worth  it to  listen to her openly talk about my anger and how she feels around it,  to get to  this point in  the conversation.

The AMG meeting made me walk away with both a  stark reminder and appreciation of the price of candor.  Transparency.

Then  the next night was the AEL munch.
It was so  powerful!  Roughhouse talked about  "what to  do  when  the police come knocking?"

He gave actual , usable advise on  what to  do  when and if the police come to  your door when  play is going on inside.
It was powerful, resonating, and beautifully presented.
I felt so  honored to know Roughhouse and be a part of such  an amazing presentation that answered questions that I have had for years.

So that is the last two  weeks in  one wild ride.

In between  this and that- I have been chugging away at school and work, and trying to find time to  wipe my butt.

Which  I found out is waaay more important then it seems....


  1. Another great Blog! It sounds like you have been busy and have had a very interesting couple of weeks! Your slave is always so beautiful and to the point, with love in everything she says!

  2. Thank you so much Butterfly! I have to laugh- sometimes to much to the point! Cant she sugar coat me a little???? But honestly- it was a good, frank and candid conversation. Rare- especially when someone talks about anger.