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Friday, January 30, 2015


Hello All!

 I had the chance to  present at AEL  last Monday and I had a blast! The room  was packed and everyone who  came was so  wonderful  and supportive!!! 

I had been  working on  the presentation since December, and I really thought that I didn't have enough  content. But when  my slave and I read through it, I had more then  enough.

Here are some of my highlights:

 So  once in  public it is very important that you sit very Masterly  and demand that people call  you Master and ask  permission for your audience. You  will  notice that slaves are drawn  to  your Masterlyness and will  automatically throw themselves at you. Be prepared for nudity and pleas from  people to  experience your Masterness. It is also  not uncommon for those who didn’t know that they were slaves to suddenly fall  at your feet stammering at how they didn’t know and how you have shown  them the one true way.

As a slave when  you enter the public be prepared for someone to  recognize your slaveryness right away. For them to  secretly invite you to  a mansion  in  the country so that your slaveryness will  be recognized by  the untouchable head of the mansion. You  will experience pain and ecstasy as you are paraded around as the house pride and joy. Be prepared for the expectation  of 24 /7 chains and nakedness. then  once you have accomplished the top level of slaveryness you  will be auctioned off and put on  a private plane to  fulfill your new life of service and beatings.

Now if by any chance these things don’t happen- don’t worry-  go  to  another event- it is bound to happen there-  if it doesn’t happened by the time that you have been around for about a week- then  there may be a serious problem. This community obviously doesn’t understand you. I would suggest then first    ranting on  Fetlife followed by  a move to  California where people will probably understand you better.

The true measure of your  “success” as a Master or a slave if there is such  a thing, is in  your heart. Does it bring you joy, does it make you randomly smile as you are driving down  the road? Does it give you a greater  understanding of yourself? those are the things that matter. Not whether others understand your type of mastery  or your quirks of your slavery-  it is whether you understand it.

It comes from  you- it starts and ends there- so  being true to  that place in  your heart- no  matter the backdrop is where it matters.

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