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Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Endings

When my slave and I first got together it was a different time, even  though it was only 14 years ago  it was very different in  terms of media, social  acceptance , the law, and what was viewed as acceptable. There were still  laws on  the books that read that homosexuality or specifically  sodomy is illegal (there still are). In  Florida there was a law against renting a one bedroom  residence to  two people of the same gender. This is just to  give you an  idea of the types of laws that were in place that are finally being questioned today. 

There were no  social  role models for us when  we were first together- not that there are now- but there was no  concept that two  dykes could have a long term  relationship. Our relationships didn’t exist unless it was in the context of a joke- the old U haul  comes back to  haunt us.  Long term  relationships for lesbians didn’t exist unless they were sexually devoid, one or both  of them was an  alcoholic, there was an ongoing  fight over who  got to  be called “mommy” to  the kidsor they were racked with  personal  guilt and were slowly mentally deteriorating because they were gay. Those were our social  role models. 

There are no  happy endings for us. 

I got lucky- both  of my parents were gay. My mom was in  an  abusive relationship  with her “wife”  for 10 years.  My father has been  with  his husband since I was 7 or so. They are legally married. However as much  as that is luck  it is not. Neither of these relationships would I consider a relationship  model that I would want to  emulate.They instead where everything that I never wanted. The constant fighting , anger,  violence, in my mothers home. My father and his husband are not loving and not supportive of each  other. 

BUT- I say that I was lucky because I at least had the understanding  that a long term  same sex relationship is  POSSIBLE.

Even  though my parents were gay, my slave and I still  didn’t get any of the validation that straight couples get. You  want to know the irony-  when  we announced our Florida wedding to my father and his husband,  they said nothing. Here we were sitting next to  another gay couple  and it didn’t matter. There were no  offers to  pay for the wedding as my father had paid for my brothers, or a honeymoon. No  gifts of house down payments that my brother had  received. In fact no  one attended the wedding  from my blood family. 

We didn’t bother to  invite my slaves we already knew the answer.

So  here we are 14 years later. And I am -  I am-  feeling like I live in  a fantasy. The other day we had hours of raunchously dirty sex. In the end we were covered in  cum. Neither of us are drinkers,  and we don’t argue as a rule. We have this joyously peaceful life.  

Then  the weirdest thing happened.  My slaves Aunt asked for babies from  us. She gave details as to  how we needed to  get babies, and that babies made her very happy. It was surreal. And I got to thinking-  is this what straight people go  through? 

The great thing about being gay is that no one expects anything from  you. You  are already a deviant and lost so your decisions don’t matter.  It is the greatest gift and the greatest misery all  in  one. You  aren't held to the expectations of society. You are in  essence free. All with the knowledge that as much  as there are no expectations,   there will be no one to  push  you either. 

So  you're life is truly yours.
And this life-  my slave and I  have taken by the balls.

Honestly sometimes as I wake up in  the morning and  watch her sleeping, and I can  barely believe myself what we have done here. Our  life.

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