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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Box.

When we lived in Tijeras we were in such financial straits that whenever a bill arrived that wasn't rooted in our survival, I threw it directly into “the box.” The intent was to pay it when I could.  When we moved to Edgewood I took the box with me knowing that I would one day be able to pay off all those back bills. The box contains some credit cards, some hospital bills, and a few people that we owe from the move like the bank. Overall, the outstanding balance is probably just around $9,000 in various amounts ranging from about $1000 to 125 $. 

The amazing thing is that I decided this is the year paying everyone back happens. This is the year that, although we may hurt from check to check,  we will  pay back that part of our lives as another step closer to our financial future. 

That box has been a part of my life – of our lives – for five years. And now, this March one of the biggest bills will officially be paid off! On top of that, we have decided to use all this year’s tax refund toward paying everything back. And I couldn’t be more EXCITED! This year is the year for no more box!

It is a vital goal I never thought I would reach. It is something that has stayed on my mind as a Master. If something were to happen to me, she would be left with this mess because we are now legally married. More significantly, what would that mean for her?

It weighed on me; still does.

We are in essence a very lucky couple. We don’t fight over money. We know we don’t have it and so we move on from there - hahaha. We both created that box, but as the breadwinner it is my responsibility to pay it off. I am blessed in that my slave completely respects our financial boundaries; she doesn’t spend what we don’t have. We discuss what is and isn’t doable. I am not emotionally punished for not making more money. she doesn’t spend money behind my back for me to   “find out” about. she doesn’t manipulate me into spending more than we have, or even make me feel bad about it. But this wasn’t always so.

There was time we did argue about money. It was tense on my paydays because it was going to be bad. But neither of us wanted that, and so we both sat down and had a conversation. We learned how to talk and support each other. We were both scared to openly talk about money, and in truth there are times when I still am. I still try to be honest, but sometimes my fear takes over, and I make promises that I know that I can’t come through on. 

We talk about it, and I am working on breaking that cycle. she is kind and patient, but the thought of not being able to provide for her when she asks so little from me breaks my heart. 

The good news is that when the box is done that is the end of our debt except for student loans, which I am pretty sure you are supposed to have until you die.

This coming November marks the end of the loans being paid back to the 401K and that means that I can start reinvesting in my retirement.

We are moving forward again after years of fear and stagnation. It is finally happening.

As a Master, I feel like I am finally making good decisions. Not all the time though, I am still learning. But I finally feel like I can provide for her in a way that SIGNIFICANTLY impacts her future and mine.

When I retire it’s going to be those two old dykes in a camper traveling across America with our cats, our dogs and rotisserie. We are going to have sex in every state and love every minute of gaying up America.

We are going to name our lesbo camper “Patchouli.”
As it should be.


  1. Gotta love it when a plan comes together!

  2. I DO!! this has been a long time coming!