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Friday, February 20, 2015

14 year experienced: Newbie!!!!!

Last Saturday was Valentine’s Day and the AEL play party. My slave and I wanted to do something different so we contacted another couple and asked if they would like to play. One of them was male and the other was female. When they said “yes” we were so excited!! 

My slave and I started planning right away, so when we got to the party we were more then ready!!  We started by me tying them up back to back in very loose bondage. I don’t know them very well, so I kept the bondage loose- to make it more of a suggestion then an actual holding. My slave, who is a powerful Top in her own right, and incredibly empathic, picked the female “toy”. While I choose the male “toy” and before long it was GAME ON!  

I don’t play with men as a rule. It isn’t my interest.  But something about that night, those people, that experience and within minutes I was riding the wild pony of Top Space. It was hot, exciting, and I was caught up in the energy and the intensity of me on one side and my slave on the other. All of the moans and sounds and responses that were happening created intoxication. DEEPLY.

 At one point I stopped a second and looked on the floor. I saw blood. I looked again- it didn't register right away what it was. Two blood spots- on the floor. 

I don’t make people bleed unless I intent to. I have NEVER made someone bleed unintentionally, and I have NEVER made someone bleed at a public play party where there was a no body fluids rule. So I stared at the floor stupidly. Trying to get my head together without taking him out of his head space. 

It was then that I realized that we must have had people watching because all of the sudden I had tons of help. The beautiful and amazing Tops pointed out where the blood was coming from my “toys” body, the DMs were handing me paper towels and cleaning solution, and the graceful doe eyed helper took  my cane and cleaned it while I tried to come out of Top  Space enough  to get my head together.

I was concerned, embarrassed and flying all at the same time. 

I told the toy right away in case we needed to stop, or there was something that he needed to tell me. He was still a go, so we continued the scene as I used the paper towels to put pressure on the open area while I grabbed and pulled his junk. I sprayed and wiped the blood at his feet without him stepping on it. 

Then a wonderful three piece suit man said “how about ice?” and I said “GREAT IDEA!” Within seconds I had ice in my hand wrapped in a paper towel. Which I held to the area as it closed up right away. It also oddly created a great part to the scene.  After the area was wiped down and the skin tear was closed we continued to play. At this point I was brought some water, thanks again to the amazing Tops. 

I took it into my mouth, but I could feel him coming out of his head space- so I spit it on him. It was a gut move and it worked. His head tilted back and his mouth opened- he was right back where I wanted him. 

It wasn’t much longer before we were finishing up.

That is to say we were toast. All four of us. 

As my slave and I took the toys out of bondage, we had tons of help. People brought us water, food; they took my toy, my slave and her toy into the living room for aftercare. I guarded the play space from others coming into it until I could get it properly cleaned.

The host came through and I told them what had happened and they got some different cleaning solution. We wiped down the area. The lovely doe eyed assistant was a HUGE help as she packed all the toys so that I could go and concentrate on aftercare.

That experience was so intense for me and my slave. We were flying high, both of us. For two days we slept and relaxed and enjoyed coming down off of the scene.

Later on I asked for pictures of his junk because I wanted to make sure that everything was OK- when he sent them I saw that that damage was from the clothespins and not the caning. This relieved me some.

But I still shake my head. I have been a nurse for 20 years. I have seen people bleed out; I have held a dialysis shunt closed to stop someone from dying.  I have held surgical wounds closed with my hands until the surgeon could get there and staple them shut. I have experience with wounds, and trauma, and blood. But all it took was one skin tear on my toys nuts and all that experience went right out the window.

I am so deeply grateful to my toy- who was a joy to play with. To Tops for her kindness and lovely voluptuous self, to the DMs for their quick and vital assistance. For the lovely doe eyed assistant who was so eager to help. To The amazing three piece suit man who took my toy afterwards while I cleaned up, to the hosts where were gracious about the whole thing, and to everyone who offered food and water.

Lesson  learned.  

On this bottom- no clothespins AND caning-   DON’T BE GREEDY!!!!!

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