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Friday, June 5, 2015


Last Saturday was the AEL/AMG fundraiser for Shelby Sue. It was EPIC. I mean EPIC. There is nothing that gives me more goose bumps then when this community comes together for a greater cause, as in something bigger than us. 

The host house of Vlad and M was amazing. First off they live in a massive home, as far as I am concerned it is a mansion!   And they have this deliciously sprawling garden, and whenever I went to them with questions it was always “yes, ok we can do that”. So working with them was so easy it shouldered the weight of the event! 

Then the RSVP’s started coming in. We decided to cap the RSVP’s at 90, which quickly filled AND left us with a waiting list. Luckily the people that had to bow out at the last minute let us know so the people on the waiting list had a chance to get in! At first I was very overwhelmed; this was 90 people that for the most part I did not know. 

I felt responsible for and to the host house in regards to keeping their place safe and making sure that there was no trouble. So the idea of 90 people, and quite frankly the amount of trouble that just a handful of people can bring, had my palms sweaty. 

The night of the event we showed up with the equipment on lesbo time, yep 10 minutes late. And both my slave and I hit the ground running. The chairs needed to put outside, the food needed to be prepped, the dungeon spaces needed to be set up, and that was just for starters. That first 45 minutes was a flurry of questions and activity. The intake table was set up and sure enough people arrived early. 

Before I knew it I was helping with the grill and the party was well on its way! I LOVE the crew that I work with! Jaime and Lori handled the two different raffles going on with GUSTO! 

Just Horns and ClareDeLune were GOD SENDS!! Just Horns was amazing! Not only did he lend us this beautiful Ninjet for the event, but all that I had to do was tell him where the dungeon equipment needed to go and he was on it! He just made it happen! The relief flooded through me. 

ClareDeLune jumped right in and got her hands dirty and THANK THE HEAVENS she was paying attention to our ice situation! She noticed that we were quite lacking and just took care of it. Just said “we are going” and made it happen. 


When everything was well under way I was busy with Vlad at the grill  and that was my time to relax and really get in the mood and enjoy myself. My slave was busy talking with people and getting people relaxed over by the table with the outside food, Jaime and Lori were hustling the raffle tickets, the intake table of D&E was working their asses off getting people signed in, and Ninjet had already set up and was practicing!

I got to hand out meat and announce “Put my Meat in your Mouth!”, “You need my meat in your mouth!”, “Come taste Vlad’s weenie! HOT AND READY!!” “Come get Vlad’s Weenies, community weenie!!!! HOT AND DRPPING!!!”  “Hot Meat, like a good woman wet and ready!” When the meat needed more time to cook and there was a line waiting  I started to  say “Like a good woman, it won’t be ready until  its time!” “Let me PUT VLADS WEINNER in your BUNS!”  It was so much fun!  Towards the end of the cookout I got to say “Last call for meat!” and the beautiful G added “Has it been 4 hours already???” I died laughing! 

After the cookout Jaime and Lori took over with the raffle drawings. I love how they do that, how they make the raffle about all of us. There were two items with fixed raffle ticket prices, and then another 4 or 5 items where done Bozo style.  In honor of the pup Bozo, no matter how much money you have or don’t have, you get tickets. Everyone plays, everyone has a chance. 

In a stroke of genius Jaime and Lori started having those that had given the prizes come up and pick the winning tickets. Those that had given so much of themselves in the raffle donations got to be the ones that awarded them out. They started this later in the raffle drawings, but I think it needs to be all the time; it was another amazing idea from amazing people. 

Afterwards Vlad took a panoramic pic of all of the people that had come, just for Shelby Sue. I made him take one of himself to send her as well!  After that was the play and then the real work started! I had little time to talk to others as I circulated and watched the play. That is where things can  get dicey, people “pushing the boundaries” if they don’t see a DM, people that aren’t safe players to  begin  with, people getting overly excited and out of hand. 

Here is the thing that blew me away- NONE of that happened. Everyone was beautifully playing, wonderfully respectful, and it just made me smile. 

I felt so good about what was going on that I let my guard down and got the chance to play myself.
This night was epic.
It was beautiful.

And  that night this community brought in more then  2100.00$ for Shelby Sue.

Thank you to everyone who came, gave your time, money and love. Thank you to everyone whose work made this possible, who saw what needed to be done and made it happen. 

I am in AWE.

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