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Friday, June 12, 2015


So it has been requested that I put in an addendum  to  my blog that I wrote about from the play party fundraiser for Shelby Sue. It was pointed out to  me that the amazing Ninjet was sorely overlooked in my writing.   
I agreed!  So thank you to Ninjet! She was our amazing pole dancer. She did a routine to Rihanna’s song S&M. 
First we were having a little technical difficulty, and Ninjet was warming up while the entire crowd was watching!  Even though it took some time, she kept the crowd entertained the whole time. I did point out that you could tell  the difference between  the s types and the D types, as h s types were waiting patiently and the D types were loosing their SHIT from  impatience! 

When the music started Ninjet WOWED and amazed the room! Her abilities were stunning and breath taking! Up  and down  that pole like it was  a ladder, her whole body was vibrating and doing …THINGS!!! I still cant believe what I saw her butt do!!!!She was right side up, up side down, twirling around that pole, and the most amazing thing-  she could just stop  herself MID POLE and suspend from  there!!!!  

I ran out of one dollar bills so fast! Thank you Vlad for supplying my habit!  

For those of you that missed her dancing, and her amazing second round here you go:

AND THANK YOU AGAIN TO J  for giving his permission to  Ninjet for this amazing display of her talent!   


  1. *blushing so hard* you didn't have to but thank you. Xoxo. Glad I could contribute.

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