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Sunday, March 6, 2016


I am sorry that this is late this week. I have been feeling under the weather.  However, Spring Pan is coming up next week, and I am SO excited for a lot of reasons!  

First off, I am  DM-ing. Just to explain here- I don’t DM. I haven’t in easily 12 years. I just don’t feel like I know enough about what is going on in another’s head to call safe or not safe. BUT- the woman  who  asked me to  DM  is the same woman  who  at the  “Share the Love” fundraiser came up  with the prize that I won. A dinner for two and tickets to the Boyz to Men concert.
My slave and I had a blast, we laughed and talked and LOVED the concert. At one point over dinner, we even  got congratulated on  being gay and happy. (All  you gay folks out there know what I am  talking about). 

It was on Valentine’s Day, and we always forget about Valentine’s Day, or we simply sleep through it. But this Valentine’s day we got to do something special. Because of all of her hard work for the fundraiser, as soon as she asked me I said yes. 
So here I GO! I will be DM-ing both Friday and Sat nights.  

My slave will be vending her amazing wares that are constantly changing.  As she grows and expands her knowledge so do her products grow and expand.

So all of this got me to thinking- there is so much Talent here in New Mexico. 

We may be a small city in comparison to the rest of the USA, but we are literally bursting with talent. So I asked a few of the MOST talented people that I know to send me pics of what they have, and here they are. 




             THE AMAZING ALIBI

                   THE PHENOMENAL TEASE

 MY LOVELY LADY AND the extraordinary "LAUGHING    GODDESS" 

Remember to visit your vendors, these are YOUR people who put their time, effort, energy, and love and thought n into every detail, every moment, and every piece of what they do. 

Need to  register for the event?



  1. I am so excited! Ohhh your going to montering me....yummy! Eve just get mire amazing with everything she makes! Much love!

  2. I am so excited! Ohhh your going to montering me....yummy! Eve just get mire amazing with everything she makes! Much love!