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Friday, July 22, 2016

Who is making a difference in your world?

Over the last week I have had some really amazing experiences.  One was the speaker at the Wet Munch talking about behavioral conditioning. She was the first speaker that I have ever heard talk about the responsibility that she has to make sure that the person that she is working with is functional for the next part of their lives. I loved that. I soaked up her words like a sponge.

We also had Mauro talk.  Mauro is an amazing man. He spoke about what it was like to work with AIDS in the eighties. I was moved to tears. I have the deepest respect for Mauro and his husband Andy.  Their passion for community is as abundant as their passion for each other. Mauro inspires me to be a better me, a better lesbian, and  a better leather woman.  

I started the “Ties That Bind” award. One day about 4 hours before the Wet Munch I was lying in bed thinking of all of the people that are the silent but crucial people to the working of this community. In 2007 the “Leather Order of Honor and Service” award was created. The idea was that it had to be awarded to you, and then you could turn around and award someone else. It was beautiful, and to this day remains one of the most prestigious awards I have ever received.  

So that moment I called up Travis of Tease, he took  my simple idea and made it into something truly beautiful!  Travis is the”MacGyver” of leather. He can take a bird’s nest and a dust bunny and make it into a leather vest.  So I told him to do whatever moved him. And boy did he deliver!

Events in this community don’t just happen. There are leagues of people that make it happen. When I throw something is our place I have easily 6 to  10 other people that make the basics happen. I am  not talking about cleaning and prepping the house, I am  talking about help  with  supplies,  do  the money and entry,  bring the chairs,  teach,  help  others.  I would be lost without an entire crew of people for every event.  

So this is where the Ties That Bind award comes in. Part of it is to honor those that have given, and part of it is to get others thinking- what can I do? What do I have to offer? For my slave and I, we don’t have money, we just don’t.  But we do have time, effort, knowledge, energy, love and a venue. 

My hope is that by recognizing people that give and how they give, it will maybe bring to mind in others what they can do as well. Not necessarily money - something else, something just as important. So that is why I started it. 

Now this opens up another conversation. 

What part of my ego allows me to think that I have the right to give anybody else an award? This is something that I have struggled with. I have only been in community 15 years; I have only been organizing for 11. People that give out awards have way more time in then I do, their lives are full of events and national travel, that have taught, won titles, and awards themselves.  I can’t compare with theses people.
What makes me think that I can do this is that no one else is doing it, and this type of thing has to start somewhere.  I know that I am  not  the most qualified to  do  this, or even  the best person  to  do  it. 
But I am at least doing it.  

So here is my challenge to you- if you know someone who has worked their ass off for your community, let me know. I only know so many people, and what they do. 

I need you to tell me who is making a difference in your world and how. 

Send me names and what they have been doing. 

That way- this award becomes about all of us and not just my understanding of my little circle.

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