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Friday, July 1, 2016

This is beyond what I could have wanted (REPOST)

Another book  review came back, I am  overwhelmed by the response.

Dear Keli,

I finished your book the other night and wanted to collect my thoughts. 

I really enjoyed how you spoke about subtlety and through your personal style. I thought it was extremely helpful and down to earth. Your voice was very clear.  The portions of the Bear Cave allowed the reader to know you, see you and yet you left enough room for them to imagine how they might choose to be M/s in their own way.  There was a distinct feeling of reality and daily living.

Your chapter and thoughts on illness was a highlight of the book.  There are so many people who are confused by what they find in others. You provided several examples of various types of people which will help others cut through the confusion. What you wrote was also vulnerable and interesting.  Again, you allowed the reader to step inside. It felt authentic, accessible and educational. What I found in your writing moved me.

The fourth piece of training, was well thought out and extremely humane.  Make sense with what you do! 

Chapter 8 was glorious and raw. I loved how many aspects you addressed regarding this fantasy and how the reality is not sexy and doesn't bring desirable results. You dug right in and told the truth as you know it.  It many ways this is the book to let people know what not to do.  It's really speaking to the thought of who will you be? It's a good question which must be answered by each of us. You definitely answered what one should not be. 

Your chapter on love was very evenly presented allowing all possible outcomes to be good outcomes and insuring the reader understood there are personal choices here.

The myth and reality portion was just plain fun.  I love the humility you put into this. It's going to allow so many people to feel they have enough space to be all of who they are.  It's really wonderful.

Great choices on the short chapters, they needed to be there but not overdone. They were complete and provided good possibilities. The placement of your switching chapter was super smart. Get the core ideas in there marinating and finish with the possibilities that aren't the usual form. I also thought your closing was well done.

Thank you for sending me this book. I had a great time reading it and I feel it's well considered and tells it like it is. It's one I'm going to recommend.

Thank you!

Catherine Gross, MCC, BCC, CMC
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