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Friday, August 12, 2016

Dick Divination

AEL has wonderful parties! There are some things that I have come to expect as absolutes.  Good food, good fun, good conversation, excellent play, and I almost always learn something new.  The interesting thing is that you never really know where the parties will go by the end of the night. It starts as it always does, but the ending is never predictable.  

This time we had a wonderful fellow whom I will call “Space Guy” at the party. He had recently gotten back from some traveling across the globe, specifically, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Rome. He had gotten toys from all of these places,  it was fascinating!  The toys aren’t necessarily made different, but It got me to thinking about what toys are considered the necessities for people around the globe.

 At one point he offered a gift to me and my slave. A huge dildo from Amsterdam. I jumped on it. Hell- to- the- YES!  When did I ever think that I would own a magnificent toy from half way across the globe! Not ordered from there, but actually bought there! 

My slave was enthralled! As soon as she had her hands on it, she ripped it open, licked the suction cup on the back, and ceremoniously stuck it to the wall. It hung there dancing and bobbing form side to side. Then my slave grabbed a sharpie and drew a face, complete with mustache, on the tip and legs onto the testicales.  It kept bobbing; it looked like it was walking. 

Then she started inviting people to come up, ask the dick a question, smack the disk, and then she and WhipDaddy would interpret the unknown question. And Whoola- Dick Divination was born!!! (Also known as Phallomancy, to  the more exclusive crowds). Many of the interpretations boiled down to “yes” and then “no” and then “maybe”, or “possibly could be”. 

It is quite possible that the dick was nervous, this being its first time and all. So -- performance anxiety.  

Don’t forget the language barrier, as they speak Amsterdam-ease in Amsterdam, and we speak English.  

I can only say that it was well- unreal in so many ways. 
So for those of you that missed it, here are some pictures taken post AEL party. 
A don’t you worry- it will be use for its intended purposes!

Dick  Divination awaits you!

It calls to  you!  ASK ME!!!!

How can  you resist that face!!!  

The Legs


  1. OMG! That is great! I do so wish I lived closer,I ha e always enjoyed the AEL parties when I have been able to attend! Lots of love , laughter and fun play!

  2. OMG! That is great! I do so wish I lived closer,I ha e always enjoyed the AEL parties when I have been able to attend! Lots of love , laughter and fun play!