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Friday, November 11, 2016

ALL of the Ladies Of Corazon Leather

This is a letter to the competitors for this year’s Leather Corazon contest. 

There were 5 of you. There were 7 of us, and we had a very tough job. Every one of you brought something unique to the table, every one of you presented with grace, intensity, and drive. Every one of you gave all you had into this competition.  Every one of you would have been the right choice.

To the three that did not win. I have this message for you. 

Come Back. 

All three of you. Come back prepped. Come back stronger.  Come back knowing how to win. You all had such strengths please don’t let this experience of not winning stop you from competing again. I want to see all three of you again, gunning for it. This community can only become better by the three of you returning.

Just a heads up- I want all three of you to speak at the Wet Munch. You three ladies were fierce and strong. We, as in YOUR community, need more of you.  

To the two that did win. Know that the other three ladies where hot on your tails. Don’t let the title year be any different than the competition. 

Prep, fight, win. 

Time will fly. 

You have tons of support, including the three phenomenal ladies that competed against you.  Go to them. Go to your community. 

Never forget that you are not alone. 

There are many who will stop what they are doing and fight for you, with you, because of you. 

Organize your events, play on your strengths. By the end of December have a 3-month goal, a 6-month goal, and a 9-month goal, and stay on track.

Don’t let gossip or hate de-rail you. Don’t let anyone’s agenda de-rail you. 

Stay the course.

This is your year.  

And it has only 11 months left.  

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