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Friday, November 4, 2016


Hello  All,

This last weekends events have been  very tough  on many.
As people have tried to  voice how they feel, using words like-  hurt,  helpless,  wounded, and scared-  the behind the scenes violence has escalated. 

People being bullied and threatened by people stoking the fires of anger and hate,  and people are having their livelihoods threatened.

What actually took  place on that stage at Fiesta is not the biggest issue. 

It is the symptom much  larger problem. 

I am  asking everyone to  take a step  back this weekend.

To  please stop  the  death threats and the hate mail.

There is no  reason for this.
This does no  good. 

We are all  adults here,  and everyone has a right to  their feelings and position.

Personally attacking people, outing them  to  their jobs,  and threatening people  is NOT what we are about.

In BDSM do  we not preach  the tenets of  OPEN, HONEST, and SAFE communication?

Do  we not say to  the newbies-  if your BDSM  partner stops you from  talking,  tells you how you should feel, and does not allow you to  come to your community for help  and understanding  that they are in a dangerous situation?

So  why are we doing this to  each  other?





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  1. You are so right ! This needs to stop! There are no words to add to what you have already said. We are a community of acceptance and support and it's time we get back to that!It is heartbreaking to hear of the things that have been going on behind the scenes of Fiesta.