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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I talk a lot of shit........

Well Shit....

This is the first Friday I have missed my blog deadline in over a year.
Honestly it wasn't because I ran out of time or anything like that; I've just been so distracted lately.

Last Wednesday my slave finally crashed and burned. The fears over everything that has been happening in our life finally took their toll and she just let it all out through tears and grief. To be very frank I have been a roller coaster of complication myself, and I know that has worn on her.

But at that moment it felt so very good to hold her and put her into bed. I made her breakfast with kiwi and brought her special water then turned on the CD she likes. I made her stay in bed all day.

After I got her situated I had a real need to straighten the house, take care of the dishes and do some laundry. I felt I really needed to do some things that would reground me, and make me feel like I had some control over the hurricane of chaos that has seemed to surround us.

So I walked into the kitchen and a strange sense of disorientation hit me.

Where was the smell of fried eggs?

Where was the cold fresh cucumber water in my favorite cup?

Where was the dish washing liquid?

How did this get so complicated?

Shaking my head I thought "Well how about I start with a load of laundry instead? Then I could tackle the kitchen."

I walked over and opened the laundry room door and stared at what I thought was the washing machine. It could have also been a cold fusion machine, or an air traffic control system.
This thing had a lot of buttons, a couple of drawers and it lit up like C3PO on crack.

I backed away slowly and shut the door.

That is when I realized it....

I talk a lot of shit.

I have often talked about the Masters responsibility to know their household, and the concept that if the Master does not know what it takes to run their home, then they have no idea what they are asking, and therefore are not really in tune to the amount of service and sacrifice it takes to serve them.

In essence if the Master doesn’t know what they are asking, then how can they ask it?

(Watch for it, here comes the crow.)

Just about then was when I realized that as a Master I didn't know about some of the things that it took for my own household to run smoothly.

So after some intense thought I have come to the conclusion that maybe some things are beyond a Masters abilities.

Maybe by sheer genetic design Masters are predisposed to episodes of blacking out when it comes to things like laundry and dishes.

Yea-- that sounds good----

In the end things did get done.

The dishes were thoroughly washed with laundry soap.

The laundry was done--- ummm--- yea.....

And for a day at least I felt a sense of balance and peace that I had not felt in a long time.

Although it was not to last, for that one day I felt normal again.

Now if I could just remember what I did with the vacuum cleaner and where is the cat?


  1. Hello Bear,

    I gotta say doing dishes with laundry soap not only gets them clean, but makes them smell nice and fresh, too. And I'm surprised that the R2 unit for your washing machine didn 't chase you out of the laundry room with that electrical wand of his! Oh! And you might check the vacuum cleaner bag- your cat might be there! Just follow the pitiful meows-you're sure to find them both!

    All joking aside, I take it as a tribute to your house that you don't micromanage it. You set what your expectations are and those expectations are accomplished without you interfering with the way your slave accomplishes the household. You allow her to accomplish the tasks she does not only lovingly but with great care to make sure you don't have to worry about it.

    You may talk a lot of shit about a Master having to know everything about their house and how its run to make sure it's run smoothly. But, you can BRAG, STRUT, and BE PROUD of the fact that your slave does all that's required of her and more, and does it so well, that it's something you don't have to worry about on an everyday basis!

    So, if you talk shit, talk shit about THAT! I see green eyes of envy staring at the 2 of you!


  2. LOL! Thanks so much Fire, I do love that about my lovely, that she is so independent, it does make my life worlds easier...

    I did have to laugh though, at my own lack of independence when left to fend for myself!!!

    Ahh the bounds of love!!!!!