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Friday, January 27, 2012

Take a Minute

My slave and I had been together a year when the pain in her pelvis became to much for her to handle. I remember when the Dr had sent her to the lab to get her blood drawn. We were sitting there together in the waiting room and I looked over the lab sheet to see what the Dr wanted to have done.

That's when I saw it.

CA 19-9

The Dr wanted to test her for cancer.

I remember being stunned and scared, because the Dr had not even mentioned that as a possibility.

A few days later my slave went in for emergency surgery, the growth on her ovary was noncancerous, and after about a three month recovery she pulled out fine.


Not only has that moment stayed with me for years, it has changed how both of us look and experience the one thing you can never get back--- time.

For both of us, time with each other is given the utmost of importance.

Time talking, time fucking, time playing , time serving and being served.

I want to spend every minute that I can watching her laugh, or scream, seeing her smile, or cry, experiencing her pleasure, and pain.

So today I declare " take a minute day".

Take a minute after the rope is on and before the flogging begins...

Take a minute between feeding the kids and washing the dishes....

Take a minute between the shower and the bed....

Take a minute before those first words that you say to each other in the morning and the last waking moments that you have at night...

Take a minute between the blow job and the nipple twisting...

Take a minute RIGHT NOW:

and really look at each other.

Remember why service given from that very special one in your life means something to you that it would not mean coming from someone else....

Remember why service that is requested from that voice is the one that drives your heart...

And if you are really bold- tell then why they matter so very much to you....

And don't ever ever forget-- that who you are in this moment, and where you put your time right now can never be altered.

So make it worth it.........


  1. Oh so IMportant and beautifully said! I spent the better part of last year in the hospital and in bed dealing with a devastating illness that almost took my life and recovery has been slow, I am very thankful everyday that I am alive and try to enjoy my life with joy, even more important are the ones that I love and those who I hold near and dear and I am always telling them and showing them how very important they are to me! I have been truely blessed with wonderful friends and family! I am so glad that this was one of your blogs and I hope that everyone who reads it takes the time to say to someone in thier life "I love you!"
    You are an awesome person and you have an awesome wife and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to make you a part of my life!

  2. Dear tops- Thank you so much for sharing your journey:) You are very cherished and loved. thank you so much for your words and your support.

    We are also glad that you are doing better, even if it is slow!

    We are also very grateful to have met you and for you to be in our lives!!!!

    Love to you and yours!!

  3. I take a minute to spoil my cats by being their sit-upon by not getting up and enjoying their company. I take quite a few minutes to enjoy the company of a big lizard and feed him treats by hand. I take a minute to carefully choose my words, or actions. I take a minute to say to my friends, yes this straight cunt finds you both precious!

  4. LOL!! I take a minute to say I have enjoyed you very much! And this lesbian finds you precious as well!!!