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Friday, February 24, 2012

The use of Intention

Be4 I begin I would like to sincerely thank LG and her slave l for inviting us into their home and being so warm and open.

The concept of intention was brought up as LG and slave l talked about the Master and slave retreats that they had attended. At one point the leader of the retreat talked about coming into a scene with intention, and as they continued to talk I thought to myself, that is really interesting. Usually I have an idea of what I would like, or the thought that if this certain thing happened that would be nice, or I know that I want this type of play. But I don’t think I ever came into a scene with a very clear and focused intention.

So I started thinking about what playing with intention would mean. Would it really be that different if I had an intention? Or would it feel like it was something that I had to mentally interrupt the scene to remember what the intention was. Could it take play to another level, or did it just sound intense and evolved but just end up being something that I couldn’t connect to and was annoyed by.

I do come into a scene with the thought of what type of play I want to use, and if I want the scene to be close and intimate or intense and sexual. The thought of using not just intention, but emotional intention would change that. The play wouldn’t just be about using that particular new toy, or causing pain, or getting my rocks off, it could be about coming in with the idea that I want to create this type of experience for her, and for me.

So after some time, as I got myself ready, and thought about how to incorporate this new thing when I did finally use it, there was an explosive result. Because I knew exactly what I wanted to emotionally achieve, remaining focused on that helped me read her better and be more prepared for the outcome. I was really shocked at how the use of emotional intention refocused and clarified the scene.

The focus completely changed from using that type of toy and that type of scene, to using the right toy and the right scene at the right time to create the intense experience that I wanted from her. The use of clothespins was secondary to the thought that it was my intention to give her emotional release, to have her cry and feel my love and support the whole time. The use of clothespins was chosen because they fit that intention, they are close, painful, pushy, and can force someone to deal with pain unexpectedly.

I can also say that coming into that scene with emotional intent left me completely out of it. I was unprepared for the intensity of my own emotional reaction that the focus led me into. It was heady and powerful and had me feeling like I had been a part of something bigger then myself.
I can tell you this, I could really get used to the feeling of using emotional intention. I don’t know if I can do it all of the time, it created such an intense response from both her and me, and that would take a while to get used to. Coming into this scene with intention was an extremely deep experience, and I feel that I shouldn’t undertake it again lightly.

But I do feel that I could maybe use intention with a little lighter expected outcome. What would it mean for the intention to be her sexual experience leaves her unable to walk for a while? Or what if the intention was to make her laugh, and giggle, and feel my heart? Maybe this first time playing with such a strong and powerful concept like intention should have been something a little less driven towards intensity, so that I could get used to what it produced.

OR maybe, that’s what it was supposed to be, no amendments, or changes, just pure untouched emotion.

Either way, bringing intention into the scene was amazing, powerful, and lead me to feel that something else had been achieved, that there was a greater power then us in the room ,and it had cared for us both and lead us to safely in each others arms.

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