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Friday, August 17, 2012

Things you Would Rather Not Hear

 Things you Would Rather Not Hear Your Master Say:


-Okay so just lay there, it will just take me a minute to find out how to remove that...

-Now where did I put my safety scissors/keys/bolt cutters?

-I feel pretty confident about my new toy, because e I saw this great YouTube video on it!

- (During fisting) That’s not my ring!

-Let me cook dinner tonight!  Do we have crab meat, bologna, and hot sauce?

-I’m pretty sure that the ER can re-attach that, right?

-It’s not that bad, just apply pressure….

Things You Would Rather Not Hear Your slave Say:

-I talked to your ex/mother/therapist and they said…..

-Have another almond cookie; it will make you feel better!

-Really!  Are you sure you want to go there?  I know things about you, I do your laundry.

-I got us tickets to the epic/classic/timeless movie!  Its 3-d/foreign film/dubbed/black and white.

-Ummm, those aren’t raisins...

-No Master you didn’t come off too harshly, you were smooth like Ike Turner.

-Whatever you wish Master, fireplay after you requested bean burritos for dinner.  Whatever you wish Master.

- (To a large group) I love my fierce Master, she is the cutest most adorable little Punkey Wunkey Honey Bunny!  Especially when she……

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