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Friday, August 24, 2012

A slave's Heart

I am sick as a dog, coughing, snotting, fever, grumpy, you name it. 

So here is a blog I wrote back in 2010 about a slaves heart.......

I can tag someone with a slave heart a mile away.  
You want to know how?

   They make you feel good, they are genuinely interested in how someone besides themselves is doing, and they don't attempt to bring attention to themselves.  They carefully observe the person that they are talking with and when the timing is right will interject  with a comment or question to keep the other person feeling good and that they are an interesting person to listen to. The energy is flowing outward and they don't ask or require you to pay attention to their self based stories.

   "slaves" that incessantly talk or act out of a need for constant attention are badly trained at best,  and at worst is someone who has confused the label "slave" with the label "me me me".

    It makes me angry when I run into these people who go on and on about how they were trained in high protocol and completely fail to notice that they haven't stopped talking for one second to take a breath much less ask a single question that doesn't relate to themselves.  I have also found that these people who brag incessantly  have shitty posture and oddly enough, have no idea where there "master" might be. 

   What goes through my mind when I run into slaves like this is, "don't give me that old bullshit about how you have trained other "slaves" in a protocol that you obviously shit on by your own actions."

   Or perhaps I am seeing this the wrong way...  

   Perhaps it is the "master" that requires the "slave" to be a vacuous, self promoting, self obsessed, energy draining, and most of all self serving "slave", who obviously gets  by only on their looks (needs a sandwich) and is not required to do any actual thinking about other people.   For them, style means more than substance.

   It is a personal affront to me to meet these people.

   Slaves who know who and what they are are a beauty to behold. Slaves who know how to serve and who serve with silence, patience, and selflessness are truly a beauty to behold.

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