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Friday, December 14, 2012

Playing with Liquid Nitrogen!!!!

When I first read the announcement that the New Mexico Fetlifer’s board was having a workshop on “how to use liquid nitrogen in play” I thought “are these people crazy? Isn’t liquid nitrogen - you know—dangerous?  And expensive???”   But it didn’t take long for my curiosity to take over, and when the day came I was so excited!

The workshop was given by Dr Clockwork; as a teacher I was very impressed. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he made even difficult concepts like “science” easy for me to understand.  In the beginning of the workshop Dr Clockwork explained about the liquid nitrogen. So I will do my best to rehash what I understood. However, this is by no means a tutorial!!!!  So please contact Dr Clockwork at his website for classes, questions, and supplies. 

You can find him here:  http://www.drclockwork.com

So what makes people able to play with liquid nitrogen is that it evaporates as soon as it hits the air.  So as long as the liquid is moving it is quickly evaporating at the same time. The liquid is surrounded by a cloud of its own gas. This means that the liquid itself never hits the skin the evaporated gas does. As a good friend explained later- it is like air hokey. The puck is the liquid and it floats in the air surrounded by a cloud of its own gas.  (Insert giggle here…)

If the liquid stops moving- like you hold it in your hands- it stops evaporating and the liquid will burn your hands, like frostbite. If the liquid gets trapped in a body fold, a piece of clothing, jewelry, even body hair  then it will stop moving causing it to  stop evaporating and  then burn the skin.  So it was important that the demo bottom be completely naked, including jewelry.

I was advised against freezing an object and inserting it anywhere, even though the core body temperature would warm the object, the  initial  cold and insertion  would create a sticking to the  object by the inside of the body.  So no to insert-ables…… I did notice a lot of people backed away from me after I asked that question……

Liquid nitrogen is stored in a big thermos called a “Doer”. The top is not screwed on, but rather a foam plug that can pop off if the internal pressure becomes too much. Otherwise the doer would essentially become a bomb. That also means that if the thermos falls over there is nothing to stop the liquid nitrogen from pouring out, so should it spill in an enclosed space the gas would become lethal within seconds.

The only expensive part of the play is the initial expense of the doer.  Looking them up online you can get some for around 300-500$, but they last forever. Dr Clockwork explained that around ten liters of liquid nitrogen cost him about 15$, and that is more than enough for an entire weekend of play.

When Dr Clockwork poured liquid nitrogen all over the demo bottom it hit her body and immediately balled up into little beads. When it fell off the demo bottom and hit the floor it made a hissing noise and became a cloud of gas. The demo bottom explained that it felt really cold, and she was flopping all over the table because the beads were headed towards her ---well- peeper.  So she was constantly whacking at herself to get the beads off of her peeper parts….

At one point Dr Clockwork poured the liquid nitrogen down my arm...  It felt just like water.  Honestly I think that I was too scared to feel the cold part, but it was really exciting!

 Then Dr Clockwork took a marshmallow and froze it, and people were able to eat them! It was when he stuck a rose in the glass of liquid nitrogen freezing it sold that he was able to beat the bottom with it, when the rose shattered on the bottoms butt, it filled the room with the smell of roses. 

It was really awesome to watch a rose shatter! I volunteered for it to be done to me, and was really surprised when he hit my arm with the rose and it broke into pieces. 

After a while I came up and took a rose and stuck it into the cup, I watched as it boiled and bubbled in the liquid nitrogen  and when I pulled it out the rose was cold, stiff, and frozen. I broke it on the demo bottom’s butt, and then brought up my slave. I put another rose into the glass and pulled it out and ran the gas up and down my slaves arm, and then I broke the rose on her! It was AWESOME!

Lastly I had the opportunity to hold the liquid nitrogen in my hands. Dr Clockwork explained that anything over about 3 seconds would burn, so he was going to pour it in my hands then I was to count to three and do “Jazz hands” dropping the liquid. 

It was AWESOME! I was a TOTAL BAD ASS, and when I held the liquid I could finally feel the cold.

I was so thrilled about the workshop- that was a once in a lifetime time opportunity for me.  Thank you to NMFL and Dr Clockwork for such an amazing Sunday afternoon!!!!

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